🚨 Mike Tyson had ‘one strict condition’ before agreeing to Jake Paul fight


Mike Tyson reportedly had one condition before agreeing to his clash with Jake Paul.

The pair along with Netflix shocked the world when they announced the return of Mike Tyson.

“It’s JAKE PAUL vs. MIKE TYSON — yes, really! — in a LIVE BOXING event at AT&T Stadium you won’t want to miss. Airing live on Netflix Saturday, July 20 #PaulTyson.”

Back in May 2022, ‘Iron Mike’ reportedly told the Club Random Podcast that he would only fight the YouTuber-come-boxer if it smashed pay-per-view records.


On Paul he said: “I don’t look at him the way society looks at him, I can’t even say what they call him.

“He’s a fighter but they don’t want to credit him as being a fighter. He can fight and everybody wants to kick his a** because he p***** everybody off. He’s a great salesman and promoter, he doesn’t even know it. He’s just a natural great promoter.”

Interestingly the fight or whatever it is will not be on PPV as such as it will readily available to Netflix users worldwide.

But you can guarantee Tyson would have been paid a pretty penny for any sort of ring return.

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