10 DC Characters Keanu Reeves Would Be Perfect For In James Gunn’s DC Universe

Keanu Reeves has the ability to play some amazing characters in the new DC Universe. Reeves is no stranger to franchises, with the actor leading one of the most iconic franchises in movie history — The Matrix.

In recent years, Reeves has been living a new chapter in his career, with the actor becoming one of the most popular action stars in Hollywood once again thanks to the success of the John Wick films, which are some of the best movies in Reeves’ career.

The actor has a history with DC. Reeves played John Constantine in 2005’s Constantine, with the star set to return for a sequel after almost two decades since the film’s release. While Constantine is his only live-action DC role, the actor voiced Batman in the animated DC League of Super-Pets film.

Despite being fancast as several DC characters over the years, Reeves was never part of the DCEU, but James Gunn’s DC Universe could rectify that mistake, with Reeves being a great fit for a few characters.

How Keanu Reeves Could Still Play His Dream DC Movie Role (& Why It Would Be Perfect)

Keanu Reeves has revealed his dream DC role, and there is a way for the actor to bring that wish to life in a future project, thanks to a key element.10Swamp Thing

The Dark Supernatural Character Is Up His Alley

After having played John Constantine, albeit a version of the character removed from the greater DC universe, Reeves would be a great choice for a confirmed DCU character. A Swamp Thing movie has been announced to be in the works for the DCU’s Chapter One. The project could be one of the best offerings DC has put out in live-action, as Logan director James Mangold will be helming the DC film. There is no actor attached to play Swamp Thing for the moment.

Like John Constantine, Swamp Thing is an important player in DC Comics’ supernatural corner. As the Avatar of the Green, Swamp Thing holds a connection to all plant life in the DC universe. Reeves would be a great fit for the character, with Swamp Thing having a tragic backstory — and overall dark history — that Reeves could excel at bringing to life.

10 Actors Who Could Play The DC Universe’s Swamp Thing

A Swamp Thing film was confirmed to be on the horizon for the DC Universe. Here are 10 picks for actors who could easily fill the role.9The Question

Reeves as The Question would be intriguing. The character is not one of DC’s most well-known; however, as James Gunn was responsible for making the Guardians of the Galaxy household names for Marvel after their MCU debut, more obscure characters could be spotlighted by the DCU. That has already started to happen with the Creature Commandos, Booster Gold, and more getting projects.

The Question would be perfect for the DCU, bringing some flair to the franchise’s street-level corner.

Reeves’ action movie history guarantees that he would be able to show off The Question’s fighting skills. Vic Sage, aka The Question, is a detective who is often seen as paranoid by others. It would be exciting to see Reeves play that kind of role, which comes with less of a straight face than his usual action fare.

8John Constantine

Reeves has had one live-action DC role so far: John Constantine. The actor’s 2005 outing as the demonologist was removed from the DC canon, going from the character’s usual magic stories to a more religious approach.

After keeping up hope that he would get to play John Constantine again for years without an answer, Reeves is set to finally return as the character. Constantine 2 is in development at DC Studios. However, the movie will not be part of the DCU.

Constantine 2 is an Elseworlds project, which means it exists outside the DCU canon.

While that might be true, Constantine 2 doing well at the box office, allied to Reeves’ career resurgence, could lead to the star playing a comic book-accurate John Cosntantine in the DCU. Reeves’ Hellblazer could be the head of the Justice League Dark, playing a major role in the franchise.

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