Lady Gaga sparks controversy once more as she bares her chest during a secret set, coinciding with criticism of her latest single by music critics.

The pop icon has recently dropped her latest single, Perfect Illusion, and is currently in London to promote it. Lady Gaga has been making headlines with her bold fashion choices this week, turning heads with her provocative outfits.

While showcasing her toned physique, she performed at a former working men’s club in Hackney wearing a revealing top, sparkling shorts, black tape covering her nipples, and stylish black boots at a secret show at the Moth Club in East London on Friday night.

Photo credit: Splash/WENN Before hitting the stage under her stage name Stefani Germanotta, Mark Ronson, who’s helping produce her upcoming album, got the crowd going with a lengthy two-hour DJ set. Lady Gaga finally came on at 1:25am, performing for just 25 minutes including her latest song, which hasn’t exactly generated much excitement among social media users following its release earlier this week.

With a big grin and stylish sunglasses, she was radiating happiness.

The celebrity flaunts her curvy backside in a recent photo. One Twitter user expressed their dislike for Lady Gaga’s new song, claiming it made them cringe for the entire 45 seconds they listened to it. Another fan of Gaga mentioned that they usually enjoy her music, but found this new song to be awful upon first listen. Has anyone else had a similar reaction to Lady Gaga’s latest release? #MusicFriday.

She’s once again caught in a daring attire! (Photo: WENN)

Lady Gaga is looking fabulous again! One social media user was not impressed with her latest song, describing it as “awful” and comparing it to an unreleased album track. The Guardian also criticized her comeback as lacking excitement, mentioning there is little room for the singer or the listener to breathe.

Despite the negative feedback, some fans defended Gaga’s track, even going as far as saying it’s better than Beyonce’s Formation. The 30-year-old singer, who recently ended her engagement with Taylor Kinney, kept fans waiting for three years before releasing new material.

She jetted into London after collaborating with Tame Impala on a vintage typewriter to create the track. After a champagne party in Berlin, Gaga performed on stage and stayed up late before returning to her hotel.

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