7 Big John Wick Questions That May Never Be Answered If Keanu Reeves Doesn’t Return

John Wick is a mysterious and complex man, but after his death in Chapter 4, some questions may never be answered without Reeves’ iconic character.

John Wick 5 has been confirmed to be in the works, but if the leading man, Keanu Reeves, does not return, there will be many answers to big questions that die with him. Reeves has starred in several action films as an all-out hero, but one of his greatest works is still ongoing. As John Wick, the Baba Yaga, and scourge of many other assassins’ nightmares, Reeves has crafted an in-depth hero with a rich backstory, and increasingly fewer words in each entry.

However, in John Wick: Chapter 4, Wick is laid to rest after getting into a dual to free himself from The High Table. Fortunately, for Wick, it was a win-win, as he would either win his freedom or die and finally escape the realm of assassins that he could never fully get away from. Despite his untimely death, and the reveal of his tombstone, the popularity of the character and his extraordinary ability to find a way out of the toughest situations leave a glimmer of hope that Reeves may return and clear up some outstanding questions in future installments.

7Did John Wick Survive After Chapter 4?

He Could Still Be Alive

If there is one thing that John Wick does best, it is surviving no matter how dire a situation gets. Wick has been trapped in life-or-death scenarios, with dozens of attackers ready to take him down, and always seems to come out on top. His final moments, having lost in a dual in the third round and slowly bleeding out on the steps, do not feel like the weighty death that the character deserves. Reeves revealed that he begged the team to kill Wick for good, but they chose to leave the door slightly open for his return (via Variety).

If Reeves does not return for a future installment, it remains a mystery whether he was able to escape and live out the rest of his days free of the influence of The High Table. Wick is never seen in his casket, or his body after he is presumably dead, as a result of his significant injuries. Without the finality of seeing his body lowered into the ground and revealing he is dead for good, the series leaves a potential return for the character wide open.

10 Times John Wick Defied Death Across 4 Movies

John Wick is “a man of focus, committment, sheer will,” who defies death and survives would-be fatal injuries many times throughout the series.

6Will Akira Get Revenge On Caine?

Akira Intends To Keep Her Promise

Akira and Wick cross paths in Chapter 4, when Akira forces Wick to aid her in her efforts to kill Caine. An assassin’s promise is binding, and she commits that either Wick will kill Caine, or she will. While a future story could pursue the outcome of this situation, it seems to be strongly tied up in Wick’s own story, and a spin-off would be better suited to exploring something else. The end credits do offer a snippet that may point to Akira finally getting revenge, but nothing is conclusive as the screen fades to black.

5Is Winston John Wick’s Biological Father?

Clues Point To A Paternal Connection

Despite the franchise creating a spin-off that focused on The Continental and Winston’s early days as an assassin, a long-running theory about Winston being John Wick’s father has yet to be confirmed. In addition to Winston having the tattoo of the Ruska Roma, the same group that raised Wick from being a child, the theory stems from Winston’s final words at John Wick’s gravestone. As he lays his hand on the tombstone, he says, “Farewell, my son.” This could have been a phrase of endearment, but the franchise hasn’t revealed any further details since to prove or disprove the connection.

4Who Are The Other High Table Members?

The Organization Pulling The Strings

The High Table remains an illustrious mystery throughout the series, with very few details ever being revealed about their locations or membership. The High Table has an iron grip on the assassins, and they keep things in check, but there is no one to hold them to account with Wick gone. Other assassins may try to stand up to The High Table, but they have proven to be extraordinarily efficient at taking threats off the board, and with their biggest threat now possibly buried in the ground, these mysterious puppet masters can continue uninterrupted.

3Will The High Table Be Dismantled?

John Wick As The Martyr For An Uprising

One thing is certain, the level of power The High Table possesses appears absolute. However, with John Wick having rattled the unbreakable chains of the powerful elite, it is possible that others could be inspired to fight back and claim their freedom, or choose new leaders with a greater sense of transparency and civility, as appears to be so important to every member who follows the creed of the assassins. This could be an interesting avenue to explore for the future of the series, but without Wick, the victory over The High Table would be bittersweet, and considerably more challenging.

8 John Wick Replacement Movies That Are Currently In The Works

With John Wick: Chapter 5 in development, the stage is perfectly set for other interesting action movie franchises to fill the void in the meantime.2Who Is The Tracker?

The Mystery Assassin Who Goes By Nobody

During the events of John Wick: Chapter 4, Wick encounters several new assassins, but one of the most mysterious has to be The Tracker. The Tracker wears raggedy clothes, which could indicate he is a part of the Bowery King’s group, but nothing concrete is revealed. While Winston, Akira and Caine, and Bowery King have some sort of ending, The Tracker and his whereabouts are left as a complete mystery by the end of the film. He is a talented assassin who can efficiently hunt down targets, but who he is, and what his motivations are remain a mystery.

1What Becomes Of The Continental?

The Sacred Common Ground Of The Assassins

The Continental Hotel in New York is in ruins at the beginning of John Wick: Chapter 4. However, with Winston still alive at the end of the film, he may set to work rebuilding the haven for Assassins in the heart of New York. Despite a spin-off series that details earlier events in The Continental, the franchise may focus on other parts of the world and other Continentals in future entries. If Wick does not return for John Wick 5 or some later entry, the fate of The Continental may remain as ambiguous and undefined as whether Wick survived his dual.

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