Are you prepared for a fantastic journey? Before blasting off on his usual motorcycle journey, Keanu Reeves fills up his motorbike.

He is best known for his action man roles.

And Keanu Reeves constantly proves that he is as big an adrenaline junkie in real life as he is on the big screen.

The 50-year-old actor was spotted fuelling up one of his many motorbikes at a petrol station in Malibu, California on Friday.

Driving force: Keanu Reeves was spotted at a petrol station in Malibu on Friday

The Speed star has definitely shown that he has a need for speed as he can constantly be seen taking in motorcycle rides around LA when not working on one of his big budget action flicks.

On this particular occasion, Keanu rode one of his regular bikes, which was a beautiful black two-wheeler featuring a pop of colour in the form of a gold fork.

The bike, called KRGT-1, was custom built by the Arch Motorcycle Company which he co-founded with designer Gard Hollinger. Their machines retail at $78K

Enthusiast: The 50-year-old star can regularly be seen riding around on one of his several motorbikes as he is even a co-founder for the Arch Motorcycle Company

Easy rider: the Speed star was dressed perfectly for a ride as he sported a a black leather moto jacket, blue jeans and brown suede boots

He was dressed perfectly for a day of riding as he sported a black leather jacket with two white stripes around the bicep area of his sleeves, baggy light blue jeans and a pair of brown suede boots.

The Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure star definitely thought safety first as he strapped a black Shoei helmet with a red racing stripe on his head as he also had a messenger bag strapped to his back.

His short brunette locks were elegantly dishevelled as he sported a bit of grizzled scruff on his face.

Other than his venture into the motorcyling world, it is quite an interesting time in Keanu’s life as he is set to reprise his role as the dog-loving assassin John Wick in a sequel to the 2014 action hit.

Safety first: Before continuing on with his day, he put his Shoei motorcycle helmet on

Lionsgate announced the news of a follow-up last Monday, according to The Wrap.

The actor will re-team with the original film’s directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski for the next installment of the hit man’s adventures.

The 2014 revenge and redemption thriller was both a box office success and lauded by critics for its fast-paced action sequences and stylish cinematography.

It drew on Reeves’ martial arts abilities and reunited him with his stunt doubles from the Matrix.

Sweet ride: The KRGT-1 motorbike from his company was mostly black and featured a pop of colour with a gold fork

John Wick was a hit man for the Russian mob who retired after falling in love and getting married.

After his wife dies, he receives the gift of a beagle puppy along with a letter from his deceased wife telling him she arranged for him to get the dog named Daisy to keep him company following her death.

But when Russian mobsters, unaware of his identity, killed the beagle, Wick sets out on a path of revenge that leads all the way to the top of the mob and his former boss.

John Wick made $43 million at the U.S. box office and nearly $80 million worldwide.

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