‘Dream Scenario’ : A very positive surprise

In the film, Nicolas Cage portrays Paul Matthews, a mild-mannered and somewhat strange biology professor who, unprovoked, begins to appear in the dreams of people around the world

'Dream Scenario' : A very positive surprise

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“Dream Scenario” is not a typical Hollywood movie. It bypasses the glitz and glamour to immerse us in a surreal dream world, where a seemingly ordinary man, Paul Matthews, becomes an unwitting star. “Dream Scenario” is a combination of fantasy and black comedy written and directed by Christopher Borgli, with Ari Aster and Lars Knudsen signed among the producers.

The film opens with Paul, a modest biology professor, content with his life of quiet routine. However, the universe has a strange twist in store for him. Gender inexplicably begins to appear in the dreams of people around the world.

There’s no rhyme or reason, no grand entrance—just Paul, existing in a dreamscape, a mute observer of the subconscious desires and anxieties of countless strangers. Written and directed by Christopher Borgli, “Dream Scenario” may not be a masterpiece in exploring the complexity of human psychology, but it is definitely a very high-quality film.

Borgli creates Paul as a character riddled with self-doubt and crippling indecision. This film is about unexpected and not necessarily unwanted fame that comes to a man who did not expect it at all. In this case, it’s an evolutionary biology professor at a small college who desperately wants more from his life but is too insecure to really do anything about it.

We meet Paul Matthews for the first time not in physical form, but in the dream of one of his daughters, and that is not the last time he will be in someone else’s dream – that is the premise of this strangely comical and slightly creepy film.


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Paul’s passive presence in these dreams becomes a fascinating exploration of perception and reality. He is a blank canvas onto which dreamers project their deepest fears and aspirations.

His inability to control the narrative in these dreams brings us some very interesting scenes. And throughout the film, he struggles with his inner struggle with self-confidence and identity. This dynamic between Paul and his reflections in the dream world creates a layered story that deals with themes of individuality, and you will need to watch the film carefully because of the complexity of the script.

“Dream Scenario” does not shy away from exploring the dark aspects of human nature. Beneath Paul’s seemingly ordinary exterior lies a complex mix of envy, insecurity, and a subtle craving for validation. This undercurrent of narcissism adds a layer of depth to his journey, showing the inner conflicts that often simmer beneath the surface of everyday life.Dream Scenario© A24 / Youtube channel

Thanks to his mostly bald head, scruffy beard, and layers of clothing that both serve to warm and hide the size of his stomach, Cage’s performance is the perfect embodiment of that kind of man.

Anyone could see this man on the street and forget him almost immediately, and that’s pretty much how our protagonist lived his life. Somehow he managed to marry an attractive and kind woman, Janet, and have two daughters, but the opening dream is a kind of confirmation that he is more a permanent part of the house than an active participant.

As Paul interacts with a manipulative marketing agency that seeks to capitalize on his newfound fame, he is forced to confront moral dilemmas and grapple with societal expectations. Borgli deftly explores the ethical quandaries of instant celebrity in the age of social media, prompting us to question the very nature of identity and self-worth in the face of fleeting popularity.

Paul’s struggle to find a balance between his inner desires and external pressures elevates the film beyond the typical celebrity narrative, imbuing it with complexity and depth.Dream Scenario© A24 / Youtube channel
The film takes a fascinating twist as it embraces darker tones.

Through his dream escapades and the burden of fame, Paul is forced to confront the shadowy aspects of his personality and the moral consequences of his actions. This shift in tone adds a layer of gravitas to the story, allowing the film to explore the multifaceted nature of human psychology and the complexities of social norms.

What truly sets “Dream Scenario” apart is its innovative approach to the fantasy element. Borgli masterfully uses the dreamscape as a platform to delve into the intricacies of identity and reality. Paul’s dream adventures force him to confront his deepest fears and desires, driving his character development and allowing him to confront his inner demons.

Nicolas Cage gives a powerful performance as Paul Matthews. He masterfully portrays a man with a rich inner world and deep emotional struggles. Cage’s ability to move through different aspects of Paul’s character allows the audience to relate to Paul’s emotional journey.

Cage’s performance serves as the film’s anchor, providing emotional weight and depth, another great performance from Cage.

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