Eric Roberts Says He Would ‘Love’ Sibling Julia Roberts to ‘Play My Sister’ in a Movie

Actor Eric Roberts recently voiced his enthusiasm for the possibility of collaborating with his sister, Julia Roberts, on-screen.

Eric Roberts Says He Would 'Love' Sibling Julia Roberts to 'Play My Sister'  in a Movie

In a candid interview, Eric expressed his desire to share the screen with Julia in a movie where she would portray his character’s sister.

This potential collaboration holds a special significance, given their real-life sibling bond and shared passion for acting.

Additionally, Eric expressed keen interest in working on a father-daughter project alongside his own daughter, Emma Roberts. He commended Emma’s talent and dedication to her craft, citing her impressive body of work as an actor.

The prospect of collaborating with Emma undoubtedly excites Eric, as it presents an opportunity to not only showcase their familial connection but also to explore the dynamic between a father and his daughter through the lens of storytelling.

Eric Roberts Reacts to Sister Julia Roberts Feud Rumors | Us Weekly

Reflecting on his experiences, Eric fondly recalled being present on set for some of Julia’s early films. Despite the immense success of his sister, Eric emphasized that he never felt pressured to emulate her career.

Instead, he has forged his own path in the entertainment industry, carving out a distinct identity as an actor while maintaining a supportive relationship with his talented family members.

As Eric Roberts continues to pursue his passion for acting, his openness to collaboration with both Julia and Emma Roberts speaks to the enduring bond of creativity and kinship within their family.

Whether sharing the screen with his sister or daughter, Eric’s dedication to his craft and admiration for his family’s talent promise captivating performances and memorable cinematic experiences for audiences worldwide.

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