Fans Laud Keanu Reeves for His Respectful Gesture: Refгains from Physical Contact When Taking Photos with Woмеn

Keanu Reeves is receiving widespread praise, with fans dubbing him a “king,” following an observation made by Twitter users about his considerate behavior.

Astute fans noticed that the renowned star of “John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum” frequently poses for photos with woмеn without placing his hands on their backs.

The first to bring attention to this endearing trait was Kemoy Lindsay, who humorously remarked, “Lol Keanu ain’t taking no chances.” A collage of photos depicting Reeves, 54, alongside Dolly Parton and female admirers accompanied the tweet.

This post quickly went viral, amassing over 384,000 likes thus far. Others joined in the admiration, with one fan expressing, “I stan a respectful king love you so much Keanu,” in a retweet.

Another fan emphasized that Reeves’ behavior wasn’t motivated by fеɑг of a #MeToo situation but rather by a genuine belief in being respectful. “It’s not about avoiding risks,” a user responded to Kemoy Lindsay’s tweet. “It’s about displaying consideration and respect, qualities that Keanu embodies abundantly.”

Echoing this sentiment, another individual tweeted, “He exemplifies respect. This should be the standard unless the woman indicates otherwise. Keanu sets a positive example for us all.” A third fan expressed support, stating, “His respectful approach is commendable, and I fully support it.”

The viral tweet emerged following a recollection by SBNation writer James Dator of an encounter he had with the actor back in 2001 when Dator was 16 and working at a movie theater in Sydney, Australia. Dator recounted how Reeves, in town for filming the Matrix series, made an ᴜnexpected appearance at the theater to watch Johnny Depp’s film.

Describing the moment, Dator remembered Reeves’s unusual attire, including a horse riding helmet, which initially left him puzzled. Despite Dator’s attempt to offer his employee discount for an autograph, Reeves politely declined, explaining that he didn’t work there.

However, Reeves later approached Dator again, realizing Dator’s intention, and kindly signed a receipt from the concessions stand, even discarding an unwanted ice cream cone to provide the necessary paper for the autograph. This selfless act left a lasting impression on Dator, highlighting Reeves’s genuine kindness and generosity.

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