“Fifty Shades Director’s 8-Hour Meeting with Mark Wahlberg: Initial Rejection, Followed by Production House Dispute”

Mark Wahlberg being a talented actor, couldn’t get his place as the lead in James Foley’s Fear, but later the scenario changed. Read!

James Foley Didn't Want To Cast Mark Wahlberg For Fear, But Later Decided To Go With Him? Here's Why
Mark Wahlberg Wasn’t The First Choice For James Foley For The Film Fear, But Here’s What Happened To Change His Heart! (Photo Credit: IMDb)
Before landing the film Fear and receiving massive appreciation from the audience, Mark Wahlberg was already a popular and talented actor. Even though Leonardo DiCaprio had referred his name for the movie Fear, director James Foley was not very open to casting Mark despite spending time and discussing the project together. However, what had happened that changed James’ heart to cast Mark in the lead? Scroll ahead to read!

James Foley is most famously known for his directorial movies, Fifty Shades franchise, Fear, Perfect Stranger and others. He never thought, despite having an 8-hour meeting with Mark, that he would cast him as the lead for Fear.

Recalling the incident, Mark Wahlberg, in a candid conversation with GQ, revealed that after Leonardo DiCaprio mentioned his name to James Foley, they had met. He said, “So I had a meeting with Jamie. We had an eight-hour meeting. Had lunch, went to a bar, and then by the time I got to my house, my phone was ringing and it was him and he was like ‘Hey dude, I just want to let you know, I mean, there is no way you can have this part but I really had a good time with you. I hope we can still be friends.’ I said, dude, I wouldn’t have hung out with you for more than the ceremonial hour if I didn’t have a good time with you too. It’s all good.”

Probably James felt a little guilty for turning Mark‘s expectations down, which is why he then called him again and asked him to do auditions for any smaller roles, which ended up being the antagonist’s character, David McCall and then here’s what happened next. Mark Wahlberg said, “Then he kind of felt bad and was like, ‘Well, maybe I can audition you for one of the guys in the gang.’ but the other guys in the gang didn’t have enough lines to really even audition for so I was reading the part for David McCall but to play one of the other parts. And then, after my audition, he had actually gone to the studio and told said that ‘If you don’t hire Mark Wahlberg in the lead of this movie then I’m not gonna go the movie.’”

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