Forget Neknomate… Nicolas Cage expands internet fandom as social media users launch Nicnominate

Nicolas Cage’s internet fandom is reaching new heights through a phenomenon being called ‘Nicnomination’ – and Manchester’s social media users are already jumping on board.

The idea originated to combat the dangerous craze of Neknomination’s which swept the globe and led to a number of deaths across the UK.

A much safer trend is now filling up peoples newsfeeds as those that are ‘Nicnominated’ post a picture of Nicolas Cage to Twitter or Facebook and then nominate friends to do the same.

One user claimed it was the perfect idea to ‘break the monotony of pictures that aren’t of Nicolas Cage’.

Jack Cunliff, 23, a student from Timperley, said: “I am glad there is a new craze sweeping the internet, Neknomiations had become so boring and over the top.

“Whereas pictures of Nicolas Cage will always be funny to look at on my newsfeed.”

Nic Cage image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Nic Cage image courtesy of Warner Bros

Nic Cage image courtesy of Lionsgate Entertainment

Nic Cage image courtesy of Lionsgate Entertainment

Facebook feeds across the globe are already filling up with hundreds of pictures of the Hollywood star – who already has a large cult online following.

Throughout the actor’s illustrious career, Cage has picked up a tag for occasionally ‘over acting’.

Despite critical acclaim for a number of his performances, the varying quality of his films and occasional melodrama on his part have made him a hit online with spoof posts and video compilations – most notably the Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit video.

The academy award winning actor’s face has also been splashed across other popular websites including Reddit – where Cage’s image is a commonly used meme.

Nicknominations could spell the end for the drinking craze, which consisted of someone filming themselves downing a pint of various alcoholic beverages in increasingly dangerous quantities and situations.

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