I have so much love for the franchise”: Nicolas Cage Picks His Next Target – Star Trek

“I have so much love for the franchise”: Nicolas Cage Picks His Next Target – Star Trek

Hollywood’s acclaimed actor Nicolas Cage has expressed a desire to join one of the most influential science fiction franchises. While receiving the award for Best Supporting Actor for his work in Renfield, the actor had the opportunity to talk about the inquiries received for Star Trek.

Nicolas CageNicolas Cage would love to join Star Trek

From working in comedies to thrillers, Nicolas Cage has always proved his versatility and exceptional skills in portraying unique characters. Recently, he was honored with a prestigious accolade at the 51st Saturn Awards, and while expressing gratitude, Cage also shared that he would love to play a role in Star Trek. Not only is he hopeful about it, but has also mentioned admiration for the franchise.

Nicolas Cage Expresses Desire To Join The Star Trek Franchise

Now that Nicolas Cage has transformed into one of the most talented actors in the entertainment industry, and after receiving remarkable recognition and awards throughout his career, the actor is hopeful about joining the starship USS Enterprise. Cage himself shared that he received a few inquiries about stepping into Star Trek during his acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actor for playing Conde Drácula in the 2023 film Renfield.
Star TrekStar Trek is considered one of the most famous science fiction franchises
Like many other acclaimed celebrities, Nicolas Cage is also one of the Star Trek fans, and while taking to Screen Rant about his win and affection for the science-fiction franchise, he said:

“There were a couple of phone calls. I don’t know, I’d have to see a script. It would have to be something that I could really add my flavor to; have some pop and some spark. I wouldn’t want to just do anything, because I have so much love for the franchise.”

While disclosing the opportunity, the Sympathy for the Devil star also mentioned the importance of the script he might receive. The actor added:

“I want to be on the Enterprise. Ideally, I’d have to be on the Enterprise in some capacity. I don’t want to be floating in space on a satellite! I want to be on the bridge, but they have to bring it to me.”

Nicolas Cage would love to incorporate his unique style and blend it with the script for a Star Trek movie, which will allow him to be more creative during his work. Currently, there are two Star Trek feature films at Paramount Pictures under producer J.J. Abrams. While one of the movies will be a direct sequel to 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, there might be room for Nicolas Cage in the second movie as it is believed to be an origin story of discovering the elements in the Star Trek world.

Which Star Trek Movie Can Make Room For Nicolas Cage?
Nicolas Cage Nicolas Cage might get a role in Star Trek 4

One project that has the potential to cast Nicolas Cage is Star Trek 4, there have been talks about the film but the actor is still unaware of the actual script. As mentioned earlier, Cage would agree to join the science fiction franchise if the makers offered him to be a part of the iconic spaceship of Star Trek, and also blend his unique style of working in films.

The Dream Scenario star’s reputation and triumphant acting career would likely bring more attention to Star Trek, and now that Nicolas Cage has openly expressed the admiration to join the franchise, we wonder if the actor might star in Strange New Worlds, which is another most acclaimed series on Paramount+. But since there’s no confirmation from both sides, fans should remain hopeful about Nicolas Cage joining Star Trek.

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