It’s the 33rd Anniversary of Pretty Woman! All of Julia Roberts’ Outfits from the Movie, Ranked

1. The Red Dress

This red ball gown, which sex worker Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts) wears when she goes from duckling to swan in Pretty Woman, has a wow factor that goes unmatched.

Designed by Marilyn Vance, the off-the-shoulder, structured, red dress leaves everyone (including Richard Gere’s character, Edward Lewis) in awe.

Could you imagine if the dress had been black, as was originally suggested?

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2. Her Iconic One-Piece

The one-piece that left little to the imagination has become synonymous with the film and, therefore, ranks high on the list. Her newsboy cap, red coat and thigh-high boots get less recognition but are just as iconic.

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2½: Her One-Piece Without the Wig

Sans blonde wig and with the jacket tied around her waist, the outfit somehow looks cool enough to earn itself its own spot in the ranking.

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3. Her Polo Match Look

Someone give this dress (and its matching hat) its own award.

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4. The ‘Big Mistake, Huge’ Look

Thinking this white, puff-sleeve dress, white gloves and black hat wouldn’t make the list? Let’s just say that’s a “big mistake! Huge!”

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5. This Classic Combo

At the end of the film, Vivian wears a plain white tee, black blazer and belted mom jeans, her hair in a black silk scrunchie. You can catch women recreating this classic combo to this day — it’s one of our favorites in the film.

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6. The Little Black Dress

After being turned away while shopping, Vivian gets her first Cinderella moment of the film, donning an off-the-shoulder LBD with lace appliqué that sits above her collarbone for a business dinner.

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7. The Button-Down Look

When Vivian walks down Rodeo Drive with Edward in this outfit, she gets the same stares as when she was wearing the one-piece on its own, but we genuinely have to wonder why? A plain white button-down has rarely looked so cute.

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8. This Fancy Robe

This is one hotel robe that we would absolutely be swiping from the room.

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9. This Off-the-Shoulder Number

Classic but colorful, this is one of Vivian’s looks that we don’t get to see for long enough on screen — save for two quick shots while she is on a date with Edward —but that we love.

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10. The ‘Blink-and-You’ll-Miss-It’ Black Dress

We see this dress very briefly during Vivian’s shopping montage, and will always wonder why this flirty number wasn’t a winner. Especially with those black ballet flats!

(Check out her iconic red dress on the mannequin, though.)

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11. The Pinstripe Dress with Sheer Sleeves

There’s a lot going on here: The white pantyhose, the oversized pinstripes, the sheer sleeves. It looks like something you would wear if you were going to a Goodfellas-themed birthday. Of course, Julia Roberts manages to pull it off.

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11½: And the Sunglasses

We see the pinstripe dress again when she convinces the uptight and overworked Edward to take a day off. Her sunglasses make the look, in our opinion.

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12. This Sweater Your Grandma Would Give You for Christmas

Sure, Vivian is supposed to learn to be ‘ladylike,’ but nobody said that she had to age five decades in order to do so!

Fun fact: Julia Roberts was just 21 years old when she filmed this movie.

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13. The Salmon Short-Suit

As we have said, Julia Roberts can pull off anything, but this matching Bermuda short and blazer set is unfortunate compared to the others. Her hair looks great, though!

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