Julia Roberts Joins the Cast of ‘Smurfs: The Lost Village’ Exclusive Reveal

Actress Julia Roberts, known for her charm on the big screen, has recently surprised fans with an exciting update. During an exclusive interview on People NOW, it was unveiled that Roberts will be starring in the upcoming animated film “Smurfs: The Lost Village.”

Joining the likes of Demi Lovato and Rainn Wilson, the star-studded cast promises an adventure-packed storyline that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

The movie follows Smurfette and her friends as they embark on a thrilling journey through the Forbidden Forest in search of a hidden village of Smurfs.

With Roberts lending her voice to this whimsical tale, fans can expect an extra layer of magic and excitement to the beloved franchise.

As word of Roberts’ involvement spreads, anticipation for the movie’s release continues to grow. Movie enthusiasts eagerly await the premiere, eager to witness the star power and heartfelt storytelling that “Smurfs: The Lost Village” promises to deliver. Stay tuned for more updates as the buzz around this animated adventure intensifies.

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