Julia Roberts Reveals Her Favorite Look & Where She Keeps Her Priceless Oscars Gown

Julia Roberts recently opened up about her fashion choices, giving us a glimpse into her wardrobe secrets. Instead of fancy designer gowns, the actress revealed that her favorite look revolves around a simple black dress. She explained that this particular outfit makes her feel at ease and exudes confidence, proving that sometimes elegant simplicity is the key.

In a surprising revelation, Roberts disclosed the location of her priceless Oscars gown – it’s in her laundry room! Despite its high value and glamorous history, the gown holds sentimental value for Roberts.

She enjoys seeing it every day, even if it’s placed in the most ordinary of places.

This candid revelation showcases a different side of the Hollywood star, portraying her as someone who values comfort and practicality over glitz and glamour. By sharing her personal style preferences, Julia Roberts connects with her fans on a relatable and down-to-earth level.

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