Julia Roberts Reveals Why She Almost Passed on ‘Notting Hill’ Role

Can you believe that Julia Roberts almost turned down the role of Anna Scott in the iconic 1999 film Notting Hill? In a recent interview with British Vogue, conducted by her long-time friend and Notting Hill screenwriter Richard Curtis, Roberts revealed that she hesitated to take on the role of a famous actress because she found it awkward.

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During the interview, Roberts expressed her admiration for actors who are very technical in their craft. She found it fascinating and envied their ability to approach a role in different ways. Curtis chimed in, suggesting that sometimes technique can hinder an actor, but Roberts brings more of her authentic self to her roles.

Roberts agreed, admitting that she never feels like she’s playing herself.

When discussing Notting Hill, Roberts confessed that playing a movie actress was one of the most challenging things she had ever done. She felt uncomfortable and almost turned down the part because she didn’t know how to portray that character.

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Ironically, Roberts had already achieved great success in Hollywood with iconic roles like in Pretty Woman and had recently won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Erin Brockovich. Yet, playing a famous actress in Notting Hill posed a unique challenge for her.

It’s also worth noting that Nicole Kidman, another famous actress, auditioned for the same role that ultimately went to Roberts.

In a twist of fate, Roberts later played the role of Tess Ocean in Ocean’s Twelve, where she had to pretend to be herself.

In the end, Roberts overcame her initial hesitation and delivered a memorable performance in Notting Hill. It just goes to show that even seasoned actors can feel uncertain about their roles at times.

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