Keanu Reeves, Auto Devotee, Takes pleasure in New Vehicle While Getting a charge out of Recreation Time with Craftsman Sweetheart Alexandra Award in Los Angeles

Keanu Reeves was spotted cruising around Los Angeles in his striking new car, with his girlfriend, Alexandra Grant, by his side, enjoying a rare moment of leisure. The couple, who announced their relationship in November 2019, appeared relaxed and casual as they ran errands together on March 2nd.

The 57-year-old actor, well-known for his love of motorcycles and his involvement as a co-founder of the successful company Arch Motorcycles, also received a new bike at his home.

He chatted with a driver before moving a vintage Norton motorcycle from his garage onto a nearby truck, likely for maintenance, as it took several attempts to start before he could guide it onto the loading ramp. Later, he received a new ‘Arch’ bike, which he then rode in West Hollywood.

This sighting of the couple is a rare occurrence, as they are often on the move due to Keanu’s various projects.

The pair, based in Los Angeles, reportedly met in 2009 at a social event but went public with their relationship a decade later.

They first worked together on Grant’s inaugural artist book in early 2011, followed by a second book of photographic images released five years later.

During their time together, Alexandra, aged 48, was seen wearing a ring on her ring finger. However, reports clarify that the ring is merely a fashion accessory and does not indicate an engagement.

In 2020, sources reported that Keanu is ‘extremely happy’ with Grant and desires to openly share his life with her while also maintaining privacy regarding their relationship.


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