Keanu Reeves Loses His John Wick Look and Fans Are Loving It

Keanu Reeves is set to star with Cameon Diaz in the Jonah Hill movie, Outcome, and has had a dramatic change in appearance for it.


 Keanu Reeves debuts a dramatic new crew-cut look on set, causing fans to compare him to his younger self.
 Fans are divided on Reeves’ new hairstyle, with some excited about the change and others nostalgic for his signature appearance.
 Reeves’ future in the John Wick franchise remains uncertain, with talks of a fifth movie and spin-offs in the works.

Keanu Reeves has been sporting his John Wick look for more than a decade, but that has all come to an end as the 59-year-old was recently spotted on the set of his new movie with a dramatic new hairstyle.

Having seemingly ended his run as Wick – at least for now – the actor has taken the plunge with a sharp crew-cut that fans have said makes him look just like he did 20 years ago.

Ian McShane in John Wick in red and The Continental in green

Ian McShane, who stars in the John Wick franchise as Winston, isn’t a fan of Peacock’s latest spin-off series.

John Wick

Reeves is currently filming the Jonah Hill movie Outcome in California, and as leaked set images began to circulate online, fans shared their opinion on the actor’s new look.

While many were happy to see Reeves going for a change-up, there were others that mourned the loss of what has become his signature look in the last several years.

Of course, Reeves can do no wrong when it comes to his fandom, and whatever look he adopts, they are happy to accept it as long as he keeps delivering more movies for them to enjoy.

It seems that his new “cleaner” appearance has definitely gone down well, but could also be bad news for those hoping for him to appear in another John Wick movie in the near future.

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