Keanu Reeves Mourned 1 Film in His Early Career Despite Returning For Sequels After It Became a Cult Classic

Despite critical success, Keanu Reeves mourned Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Keanu Reeves has established himself as a successful action hero with success in projects like John Wick, Point Break, and Speed. However, his first breakthrough was in a sci-fi comedy named Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The 1989 flick featured the Matrix star alongside Alex Winter in a hilarious time-travel adventure.

Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Although Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure was a box office success and spawned sequels, Keanu Reeves, to everyone’s surprise, mourned the film. It must be noted that our beloved John Wick did not outright regret doing the flick, but there was a moment when he thought he would only be known as Ted Logan.

What did Keanu Reeves think about Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

Bill & Ted

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, directed by Stephen Herek, featured Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter in a time travel drama. The plot centered around two high school students who travel through time attempting to assemble prominent historical figures for their presentation.

Although the film was a decent hit on release, it became a cult classic over the years. It played a primary role in shaping Keanu Reeves as a big name in Hollywood. Several young actors and presently famous names in Hollywood auditioned for the lead roles in the film. But nobody could do it better than Reeves and Winter. As per The Independent, the director Stephen Herek praised Reeves- “There was just something so f–king magnetic about the guy.”

At one point, the Matrix star was afraid that he would be only known as the guy who played Ted Logan. He thought that his epitaph would say- “Here lies Keanu Reeves. He played Ted.” 

Interestingly, the film that became such a cult classic was on the verge of cancellation. The film faced a key obstacle when the production company went bankrupt (via THR). The film was targeted to a specific set of audiences, and the director was sure that it would either become a massive hit or a significant flop. The film’s success also resulted in several sequels with the same cast.

Will there be a Bill & Ted 4?

Bill & Ted Face the Music

The success of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures resulted in two sequels- Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey and Bill & Ted Face the Music. Even though the last film was a major disaster at the box office, Alex Winter expressed interest (via Collider) in returning for a fourth installment alongside Keanu Reeves.

Recently, during a conversation with Sarah O’Connell in The Sarah O’Connell Show, Alex Winter revealed that although a fourth Bill & Ted film is far from being greenlit, there is a good idea for the upcoming movie.

“There’s a really good idea that the writers came up with for a fourth that’s kind of obvious. I don’t want to give it away — I can’t give it away because I would be drawn and quartered — but it is a really great idea, kind of an obvious idea. It will get written, and we’ll see if we can actually get it made. It may be a little while.”

It must be noted that despite positive reviews, Bill & Ted Face the Music had a bad run at the box office due to the global pandemic. Even though the film did significantly better in PVOD (Premium Video On Demand), the film was a financial failure. It raises some doubts among the fans regarding another film in the series.

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