Keanu Reeves surprises fans on social media with new look for next film

The actor has garnered praise for changing his look

Keanu Reeves  EFE

Keanu Reeves EFE

Keanu Reeves is one of the biggest names on the Hollywood scene. The Canadian is known for his unique personality and for his good work in front of the camera, playing mythical characters such as John Wick.

It has always been said that the ‘Matrix’ star is one of the most committed performers in the industry, both with how he treats his colleagues and how seriously he treats his work, getting very involved in the production.Video thumbnail

Keanu Reeves reveals he doesn’t feel like John Wick until he puts of the suit

For this reason, it is not unusual for Reeves to modify his appearance to better suit the roles as a method actor, carrying out physical transformations or changes in his ‘look’, like the one he has recently undergone.

The Canadian is currently shooting the film ‘Outcome’, directed by Jonah Hill, and as he arrived on set, people took notice of his new hairstyle.

Reeves has decided to say goodbye to the mane he’s been sporting for a few years, chopping it off completely and opting for a fresher, shorter style.

The change has been widely commended on social networks, where fans have praised the actor’s bold new look, commenting that he looked much better and that he even seemed to have been “rejuvenated” by the style change.

Fans delighted with Keanu Reeves change

It appears even at the age of 59, the Hollywood star can still turn heads and stay relevant – and all it took was a simple haircut.

The actor’s new style was one of the most discussed topics on social media in recent days, especially in English-speaking countries. Most users agree that the change benefits the actor, something that has also been commented on in the media.

The Daily Mail reported on the photographs and described Reeves’ style as “youthful”, mainly due to his decision to “swap his long John Wick-style locks for a sleek new haircut”, referring to images of the Canadian actor on set in Los Angeles.

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