Keanu Sмiles Agɑin: Keanu Reeves Radiɑtеs Happinеss on Dinnеr Dɑtе with His Spеciɑl Woмɑn

Keanu Reeves is once again seen with a beaming smile, accompanied by a мystery woman. The 53-year-old actor treated his female companion to a dinner outing in West Hollywood on Monday night, choosing the romantic Italian restaurant, Madeo, known for attracting celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Lionel Richie.

The mystery woman Keanu Reeves was spotted out to dinner with in West Hollywood on Monday night is artist and photographer Alexandra Grant (pictured) 

Greeting fans outside the establishment, the Matrix star exuded happiness throughout the casual evening. Dressed in a black beanie, hoodie, comfortable jeans, a brown blazer, and worn lace-up boots, Reeves kept things relaxed. His companion, adorned in an all-black ensemble with minimal makeup except for a red lipstick swipe, paired black jeans and booties with a long-line jacket and a graphic tee.

Exiting the restaurant, the two were visibly joyful as they headed to their vehicle. Keanu, often associated with a more somber demeanor, has found a source of joy in this blossoming relationship.

Notoriously recognized for the “Sad Keanu” meme from 2010, depicting him sitting alone on a park bench, Reeves seems to have a renewed spirit.

'Sad Keanu': The Matrix actor became a viral meme in 2010 when he was pictured sitting on a park bench alone

The Lakehouse actor’s last rumored relationship was in 2015 with transgender Jamie Clayton.

The John Wick actor hasn¿t been linked to a woman since 2015 when he was rumored to be dating transgender actress Jamie Clayton

Never married, Keanu faced personal tragedy when his only child with girlfriend Jennifer Syme was stillborn in 2000, and the couple split just before Syme’s fatal car crɑsh.

Laid back: The two were casual dressed for their dinner at Madeo¿a romantic Italian restaurant frequented by a long list of celebrities including Bella Hadid and Lionel Richie

Throughout the years, Reeves has had romantic ties with co-stars such as Sandra Bullock, Diane Keaton, and Winona Ryder. Recognized as the ‘coolest actor in Hollywood’ by GQ, he continues to excel as a top action star. Charlize Theron praised Reeves’ gym skills while training for Atomic Blonde, highlighting his supportive presence during challenging workouts.

Grant wore an all-black ensemble and went make-up free other than a swipe of red lipstick

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