“Mark Wahlberg Admits He Consistently Falls Asleep During a Specific Bedtime Routine with His Wife”

‘The Family Plan’ actor says his wife Rhea likes to watch reality TV before bed

Mark Wahlberg and his wife, Rhea Durham, have been married for 14 years.

Mark Wahlberg admits his bedtime routine with wife Rhea Durman always ends the same way, even when they mix things up.

The actor got candid about how he and his wife often unwind at night and watch some television, but their selections are quite different.

“If my wife wants to pick a show, then it’s usually something in the vein of some sort of ‘Housewives’ or ‘90 Day Fiancé’ or something of that nature,” he told People magazine of his wife’s interest in reality television.

Rhea Durham in a black cardigan soft smiles on the carpet with husband Mark Wahlberg in a black suit and tie

Mark Wahlberg says no matter what hes watching on TV with wife Rhea, hes ultimately falling asleep. (Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Conversely, the Massachusetts native is more inclined to watch something “sports-oriented,” like football during the season, or a movie. Regardless of what the couple’s watching, the night always ends the same for Wahlberg.

“I never make it to the end,” he revealed, sharing he’s prone to falling asleep.

Mark Wahlberg in a black suit puts his arm around a seated Rhea Durham in a pink sweater

Mark Wahlberg and his wife Rhea Durham married in 2009.


Mark Wahlberg says 'communication' and 'support' is the key to a successful marriage

Wahlberg and Durham have been married for 14 years and share four children together. The “Boogie Nights” actor recently shared with Fox News Digital the recipe to a successful marriage.

“We got married in the church. You know, we made that commitment to each other. That’s something we take very seriously,” he shared in December. He credited their “communication” and their “support” of one another to being so successful, adding, “we love each other.”

“We, like everyone else,” he continued, “have problems and issues, but you know being able to put those things aside…We’re blessed. We’re very grateful because we have a beautiful family, beautiful life.”

“Yeah, things could always be better and anything we want to change you just got to work hard to be able to go and make those changes.”

Wahlberg previously told US Weekly that he and Rhea prioritize “quality time together.”

Mark Wahlberg in a blue shirt smiles next to wife Rhea Durman in a black dress with a chest cut out with her hand on her hip

Mark Wahlberg previously said that it’s important for married couples to “spend quality time together.” (Rhea Durham Instagram)

Moving his family to Las Vegas in 2022, Wahlberg says they’re all exceling in their new community. “It’s really giving the kids a chance to thrive,” he told Fox News Digital.

“It just has the best of both worlds. I know a lot of people, when they think Las Vegas, they think the Strip. But just about 15, 20 minutes away, there’s a whole lot of other amazing areas that are all about family and community.”

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