Mark Wahlberg once recounted how he had an argument with Martin Scorsese

Mark Wahlberg once recalled how he had a fight with Martin Scorsese as they cursed each other while filming The Departed. Read on!

Martin Scorsese & Mark Wahlberg Had A Fight While Filming The Departed

Martin Scorsese & Mark Wahlberg Cursed Each Other & Had A Fight Over Filming The Departed (Picture Credit: Wikimedia & Movie Poster)
Mark Wahlberg worked with Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese for 2006’s acclaimed Crime/Drama movie, The Departed. As the movie was critically acclaimed by critics, the filming of the movie was not exactly smooth as one would imagine. The movie also went on to become one of the most lauded roles of Wahlberg’s career.

Many would not know, but the actor initially declined to work for Scorsese’s critically acclaimed movie. Wahlberg believed he was not a good fit for the role and had to turn Scorsese down personally as his agent at the time automatically assumed that the actor would be willing to work. However, as he joined the project, shooting the movie wasn’t always an enjoyable time for Wahlberg.

Mark Wahlberg recalls why he was 'a little pissed' while filming 'The Departed' with Martin Scorsese | Fox News

During a conversation with The Telegraph in 2007, Mark Wahlberg recalled one of the fights revolved around Scorsese getting upset about him refusing to cut his hair. The actor was initially signed up for a couple of weeks to shoot and was able to grow hair for another movie, Invincible.

As the shooting schedule of Martin Scorsese’s movie was changed to four months, the actor could not cut his hairs which made the filmmaker p*ssed off. “He was like, ‘You’ve got to cut your f*cking hair,’ and I was, ‘I don’t give a f*ck,’” recalled The Departed actor.

In the conversation, the Uncharted actor said he had “many problems with Marty (Martin Scorsese)” He later added, “Marty and I were constantly in this struggle.”

Mark Wahlberg wants Martin Scorsese to make 'Boardwalk Empire' movie | Mark Wahlberg wants Martin Scorsese to make 'Boardwalk Empire' movie

Apart from the director, Mark was also a little upset with his fellow castmates, but that was due to the influence of his character.

“The whole time, I was in the character, so I was mad at everybody. It was Leo, Matt, and Jack. F*** Jack, too,” said the actor.

However, even after all the issues, Mark Wahlberg was keen on revisiting The Departed world and pitched a second film to the studios. While that all did not happen, let us know what do you think about it and for more stories

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