Mark Wahlberg’s Last Hope of Remaining a Major Movie Star is Mel Gibson as Actor’s Latest Movie Continues His Declining Trend

Mark Wahlberg’s Only Hope of Saving his Career in Hollywood.

Mark Wahlberg’s Last Hope of Remaining a Major Movie Star is Mel Gibson as Actor’s Latest Movie Continues His Declining Trend


Mark Wahlberg lost his significance in Hollywood, as his last 8 films were box office bombs.
Marky Mark’s latest release, Arthur the King, was a major flop grossing only $16.8 million at the international box office.
Mel Gibson’s upcoming Hollywood thriller is Mark Wahlberg’s only way to save his acting career.

As one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg’s career is full of films that showcase his stardom and how he can be a big name drawing people to watch his films. The actor’s career is filled with notable roles in films such as Lone Survivor, Boogie Nights, The Departed, Ted, and many more. Throughout his career, Wahlberg has done films with legendary directors, making him an A-tier actor, and a bankable one.
Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg in The Fighter
Well, that’s what everyone used to think, that the actor is a major name in the film industry, who would attract huge numbers at the box office. However, that is not the case anymore because Marky Mark’s latest film shows how he is becoming an irrelevant name in the film industry. His only way to avoid anonymity is by working alongside his Father Stu co-star, Mel Gibson, in an upcoming thriller project.

Mark Wahlberg’s Newest Film Continues His Downward Trajectory in Hollywood

Mark Wahlberg has been a massive name in the film industry and in the 1990s and 2000s, he was Hollywood’s leading man. Any of his films during that period were major hits, and fans would often return to watch those films.

Mark Wahlberg in Arthur the King

Mark Wahlberg in Arthur the King

However, the Me Time actor’s popularity has reached its limit as per ScreenRant, his last eight releases, that is Spenser Confidential, Scoob!, Infinite, Joe Bell, Uncharted, Father Stu, Me Time, and The Family Plan have been box office disasters. The only exception in these 8 movies is Uncharted which was a massive hit, but the film’s association with the video game franchise and Tom Holland’s role makes the film a smash-hit blockbuster.

With Arthur the King’s poor box office performance, Mark Wahlberg’s Hollywood career is further deteriorating and he is closing in on anonymity. The adventure film has grossed only $16.8 million at the box office, via The Numbers, which is extremely low considering the films he has delivered in the past.

A still from Arthur The King
A still from Arthur The King
Hence, the lack of box office success in Arthur the King’s underwhelming reviews, and his transition to streaming platforms demonstrate how the actor’s stardom has taken a significant blow in attracting crowds for a major box office hit.

Mark Wahlberg’s Upcoming Theatrical Release With Mel Gibson Can Recover His Hollywood Downturn

The only way Mark Wahlberg can manage to overcome his declining Hollywood trend is by working alongside, Mel Gibson in Flight Risk. Gibson, who is going to be Wahlberg’s co-star, is set to direct the film as well.

Even though the What Women Want actor is an extremely controversial figure, he has a concrete box office record, where five of his last films were immensely successful at the box office.
A still from Father Stu
A still from Father Stu
Though the upcoming film is expected to be a major hit, it is not guaranteed, especially given the current circumstances of the theatrical cinematic landscape. Nevertheless, Mel Gibson is giving a great opportunity for Mark Wahlberg to recover his Hollywood career, which has been reinforced by his Arthur the King. Hence, it is correct to say in its own manner that both men are going to face an uphill challenge.

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