Mike Tyson, 57, sparks concern from fans with bizarre training clip – as his ex-trainer dubs him a ‘unicorn’

A bizarre viral moment from boxer Mike Tyson led to concerns from fans of his as he prepares for a fight against Jake Paul in a few months

Tyson’s running form in a video captioned ‘I’m coming for you’ had some worried about the health and physical shape the former heavyweight champion is currently in.

But the boxer’s ex-trainer, Brad Rowe, told USA Today Sports that there’s no need to fear for Tyson’s health.

‘Mike is a unicorn,’ Rowe said. ‘He is stiff and uncoordinated in so many aspects of training.

‘When he enters the ring, he turns into a ballerina. It’s unexplainable.’

Mike Tyson’s running form in a viral video has some boxing fans concerned for his health

But a former trainer says that Tyson is in great shape and is dedicated to properly training

Rowe recalled the start to the boxer’s training regimen leading up to his 2020 fight with Roy Jones Jr.

The trainer said he was afraid that Tyson might hurt his hamstring due to the intensity of his exercising.

‘Day 1 he’s like, “No, f–k you. I’m sprinting,”‘ Rowe recalled. ‘So I was like, ‘All right. Let’s pray for no injuries today.’

He continued: ‘We’d go to this tennis court and he would like jog around the corners and sprint the straightaways and I’d be, like, I didn’t want him doing it.

‘Because especially with someone older, an athlete like that that’s not used to that explosive moment.’

Tyson is training for a match against Jake Paul on July 20, his first competitive match in some time.

Before the fight, Tyson has seemingly been focused on growing his cannabis business – all while subtly trashing boxing these days.

The 57-year-old former heavyweight Tyson is set to fight against Jake Paul on July 20

In an exclusive interview with The New York Post in 2022, Tyson revealed that shady business dealings in boxing surrounded his issue with the sport.

‘The problem with boxing is everything is never on the table,’ Tyson exclaimed as he slammed his hands onto the table.

‘There’s s–t always under the table. Until we get rid of that problem, boxing will always be a mess, and only the elites will make money.’

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