National Treasure 3 Update From Jerry Bruckheimer Contradicts Nic Cage’s Recent Comments

National Treasure 3 gets a surprisingly hopeful update from producer Jerry Bruckheimer that contradicts Nicolas Cage’s recent comments about it.

Nicolas Cage carrying the Declaration of Independence in National Treasure


 Jerry Bruckheimer confirms National Treasure 3 is still in development, despite Nicolas Cage’s doubts.

 Bruckheimer is hopeful for a sequel, and says they’re working with a brilliant writer on the script.
 Once the script is written, it will go to Cage for approval, according to Bruckheimer.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirms National Treasure 3 is still in development despite Nicolas Cage’s recent comments casting doubt on the sequel coming to fruition. Cage exclusively told Screen Rant that “there is no National Treasure 3. If you want to find treasure, don’t look at Disney, okay? It’s not there.” 

The actor’s candid comments come 17 years after the previous sequel, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, was released in theaters, ending with a tantalizing cliffhanger about what is on page 47 in the United States presidents’ titular book.

During an interview with MovieWeb, Bruckheimer offered a more hopeful update on National Treasure 3confirming that it is still in development. He explains where the sequel is currently in the development process and what will need to happen for the long-awaited project to move forward. Read Bruckheimer’s comments below:

Well, we hope there’s a National Treasure 3. We’ve been working on it for quite a while. We have a brilliant writer working on it right now, so hopefully, if we get a script in a timely fashion, we’ll send it to Nic [Cage] and, if he likes it, we’ll make another one . We certainly would like to.

Will National Treasure 3 Actually Happen?

The President talks to Ben in National Treasure Book of Secrets

Bruckheimer’s update means there is still hope for National Treasure 3, but the potential sequel still has a long way to go before becoming a reality. The first National Treasure film remains particularly beloved and continues to feature one of Cage’s most memorable and celebrated roles.

Between the nostalgia, the page 47 cliffhanger, and a chance to see Cage reprise the role of Ben Gates, there continues to be substantial interest in National Treasure 3 and a natural direction for the story to go in.

That being said, the nearly two decades spent in development limbo is worrisome, especially given that there still isn’t a finished script.

Even with a great script, Bruckheimer’s comments confirm that the project will not proceed unless it receives Cage’s approval, and of course, it will need to be greenlit by Disney as well.

Disney’s decision to cancel the National Treasure: Edge of History television series after only one season doesn’t bode well for placing their faith in a continuation of the franchise, although their stance may change with the advantage of Cage’s star power.


Nicolas Cage doesn’t appear in National Treasure: Edge of History, but the TV show takes place in the same universe and has Benjamin Gates references.

As for Cage, his career has been thriving in more recent years, including his roles in MandyPig, and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. He has been embracing more challenging roles and excelling at them, with many of these projects being far from the blockbuster fare from earlier in his career.

National Treasure 3 would be a significant departure from this, but if Cage likes the script and is on board, and if Disney gets behind it as well, there is a chance that the franchise will continue and the page 47 cliffhanger will finally be revealed.

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