Nicolas Cage Returning as Ghost Rider in Avengers 6 Seemingly Imminent: Kevin Feige Reportedly Planning Something Big

Kevin Feige is Reportedly Planning Something Big for Nicolas Cage’s Much Awaited Return as Ghost Rider.

Nicolas Cage Returning as Ghost Rider in Avengers 6 Seemingly Imminent: Kevin Feige Reportedly Planning Something Big


Nicolas Cage might return as Ghost Rider in ‘Avengers 6’.
Kevin Feige reportedly planning something big for the character.
Fans are beyond excited by the mere prospect of the character’s comeback.

Nicolas Cage’s portrayal of Ghost Rider is one of the most memorable ones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel fans immensely love the character. The MCU has never been a stranger to surprises. And recent reports suggest another element that would shock many.

Word is, that Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige is planning something big for the upcoming Phase 6 of the MCU. In the long list of superheroes and supervillains, many are being live-adapted for the first time; while some mark a return. This lineup might include Cage resuming his role as the fiery antihero in the sixth Avengers movie. Here’s what we know.
Nicolas Cage in It Could Happen to You
Nicolas Cage in It Could Happen to You

Nicolas Cage’s Ghost Rider Allegedly Returning in Avengers: Secret Wars

Nicolas Cage first portrayed Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider in the 2007 film, followed by a 2011 sequel. The films received mixed reception but Cage’s portrayal of the character gained a lot of traction.
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider featuring in Avengers: Secret Wars has been heavily speculated for a long time. As has been reported by X (formerly Twitter) user MyTimeToShineHello (@MyTimeToShineH), Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige is also considering this.

Given the wide array of characters across the Marvel Universe coming together for Avengers: Secret Wars, it is not so far-fetched that Cage will again be seen as the skull-headed biker. The presence of many heroes and villains alike creates a perfect context for Ghost Rider to appear. And given the character’s popularity amongst fans, it is expected that Feige would not pass up on the opportunity.

In classic Marvel fashion, the exact details are shrouded in secrecy. No official announcement has been made, so everything needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Fan Theories Around Ghost Rider Comeback
Nicolas Cage in a still from Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Nicolas Cage in a still from Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
For years, fans waited for Nicolas Cage to make a comeback as the antihero so they are enthralled at the mere prospect of seeing Ghost Rider on the silver screen again. Naturally, many theories and estimates are running around. For one, the fandom seems divided on who should play the Ghost Rider.

Many want Cage to return, as he was the one who established the character as we know it. At the same time, others seem to have their money on names like Gabriel Luna, Charlie Hunnam, and Diego Luna.

Furthermore, the lack of any official announcement on the matter has social media spaces all that more abuzz with speculations. Some expect an elaborate plot for the character while others are concerned over the amount of screen time the character will get. Many wonder what Ghost Rider’s return would mean for the MCU at large. This frenzy continues to be as the question mark on Ghost Rider’s return remains.

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