No, Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg are not starting an anti-woke film studio

The claim first began circulating on Facebook last week.

Mel Gibson and Mark Walhberg starting an 'anti-woke' movie studio

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Conspiracy theorists are celebrating online after coming across a news headline that claims Hollywood stars Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson have launched a “non-woke” film studio. The only problem? None of it’s true.

The claim first began circulating on Facebook last week after an article titled, “Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg Join Hands to Create a Non-Woke Film Production Studio, ‘Hollywood Is Saved,’” racked up more than 231,000 likes.

Shared by a user named “SpaceX Fanclub,” the post links to an article from the website alleging that the duo is dedicated “to preserving traditional storytelling” in order to avoid “the pitfalls of woke culture.

“Gibson and Wahlberg, both known for their commitment to authenticity and artistic integrity, aim to create a sanctuary for filmmakers and audiences alike who long for classic storytelling without the interference of politically charged agendas,” the article says.

Back on Facebook, users who saw the article flooded the apparent announcement with praise.

“They’re the best!” one user said. “I hope other entertainers follow their lead!”

“AWESOME NEWS!,” another proclaimed. “SOUNDS LIKE AN AMAZING TEAM!!”

Actors deemed conservative, particularly Gibson, have been used in countless conspiracy theories and false claims in recent years. Gibson’s longtime publicist has had to repeatedly deny such claims, including one spread among QAnon believers last year that alleged Gibson was working on a documentary to expose human trafficking.

Yet had those cheering on Facebook checked the site making the claim, they might have not been so quick to offer up praise. A large disclaimer on notes that the site “specializes in satire, parody, and humor.”

“Before you proceed to read our content, we would like to emphasize that nothing on this website is real,” the disclaimer reads. “All of the articles, stories, and commentary found on are entirely fictitious and created for the purpose of entertainment only.”

In other words, don’t expect Wahlberg and Gibson to release any anti-woke movies anytime soon.

Why it matters

The obsession with Mel Gibson among conspiracy theorists should cause anyone to pause when coming across his name in questionable claims.

Even though the website in question clearly notes that the article was satire, few users paid attention. Unfortunately, many of us fail to read past headlines in our fast-paced society. But always remember to double-check claims before sharing.

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