On his 46th birthday, Keanu Reeves only bought a small cake and a candle, sat on the porch to celebrate his birthday. A vagrant inquired and offered his birthday cake as well.

He’s developed something of a reputation on the internet for the recurring images of him pictured cutting a downcast, lonely figure.

And today another such brooding photograph emerged of Keanu Reeves, sat outside a film prop warehouse on his 46th birthday alongside a cupcake with a solitary candle.

The Matrix star was seen talking on his phone as he hung around the loading dock, dressed in the sweltering New York weather in jeans, flannel shirt and grey blazer.

Happy birthday: Keanu Reeves, who turned 46 today, was pictured cutting a solitary figure outside a film prop warehouse in New York, with a cupcake and candle

Sending a text: Later he was joined by some workers as he hung around the loading dock in casual jeans, shirt and a blazer

From pictures of him eating a sandwich on a park bench, to shots of him walking the street, bearded and looking miserable, it is such images that have turned him into something of an internet meme, with bloggers and chat forums playing up the ‘sad Keanu’.

Today, however, the actor was soon joined by some workers from the warehouse, who he was seen chatting to and having coffee with.

A passer-by also appeared to take interest, and stopped to talk to the star, apparently using his phone to take a picture.

Still, it’s not exactly the most exciting way to spend your birthday, so let’s hope Keanu has something more exciting planned for later.

Reeves, whose first name means ‘cool breeze over the mountains’ in Hawaiian, was born in Beruit, Lebanon.

Say cheese: A passer-by approached the star and appeared to be taking a photograph of himself with The Matrix actor

His mother was a showgirl and his father was a geologist who deserted Reeves when he was three years old.

He never reconnected with his father who once served time in jail for selling heroin.

Reeves shot to fame playing Ted in the wacky time travel comedy, Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

He went on to become a big budget action hero, staring in Speed, which he acted in opposite Sandra Bullock, and cyber adventure series, The Matrix.

Reeves was paid a whopping £10 million a piece for the last two Matrix instalments, Reloaded and Revolutions.

According to reports, he is considering making a third Bill and Ted movie, following the 1991 sequel Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.

Animated: Keanu chats on the phone and waves to someone at the warehouse

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