“They are not doing this for anybody”: Don’t Expect Keanu Reeves’ Wedding With His Soulmate to be as Explosive as the Bennifer Celebration

Keanu Reeves reportedly wants to settle down in life with the love of his life Alexandra Grant.

Keanu Reeves has been a prolific movie star since the 90s and has been part of some of the most groundbreaking action films that Hollywood has seen. Films like  Point Break, Speed,  The Matrix, and the  John Wick franchise have made him a bonafide action hero unafraid of getting his hands dirty and doing most of his stunts.

Keanu Reeves in 1991’s  Point Break

Regarding his personal life, Reeves has always maintained a low profile. Since his former girlfriend Jennifer Lyme’s tragic death in 2001, the actor has taken a long time to find the one for him. However, it seems that Reeves and his present girlfriend Alexandra Grant have decided to take the next step forward in their relationship.

Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant Reportedly Planning a Quiet Wedding

Keanu Reeves and

Winona Ryder in  Destination Wedding

After being friends and having a professional relationship since 2009, Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant started dating and made their relationship public in November 2019 (via Business Insider). The couple has maintained a low profile with their evolving relationship over the years, but it seems they are ready to make their vows and spend their life together.

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As reported by a source close to InTouch, the pair are planning to get married, albeit not in a high profile lavish style that most Hollywood celebrities like (most recently) Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez did with their marriage. The couple reportedly want a quiet, laid-back wedding at Reeves’ Hollywood Hills Home. The source also claims that the couple has set their minds and feels it’s the right time for this bold step in their lives.

The source continued stating that the pair wanted the wedding to be an intimate affair, not about pomp and show where various celebrities take the limelight. They are very much in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. The source said,

“Keanu and Alexandra were friends for many years before their relationship turned romantic, and it feels like the right time to make a commitment to each other. They’re not doing this for anybody but themselves. They’re soulmates and they want to spend the rest of their lives together.”

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Reeves deserves a happy love life, considering the tragic loss and heartbreak he suffered when his former girlfriend Jennifer Syme passed away in an accident back in 2001. This relationship seems to have helped him heal tremendously, and taking this next step in his relationship with Grant is a natural progression that will serve him well.

Keanu Reeves Continued Shooting Good Fortune With a Fractured Kneecap

Keanu Reeves appeared in a comic role most recently in 2020’s  Bill and Ted Face The Music

After back-to-back rigorous shooting schedules with the  John Wick films for over a decade, Keanu Reeves is switching gears and returning to the comedy genre with his new film Good Fortune. The film has Reeves playing a Guardian Angel who has to earn back his wings after an experiment to help Aziz Ansari’s character fails.

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Ansari, who is the main lead and director of the film, was present at CinemaCon as he unveiled the first trailer for the film. Addressing the audience, Ansari stated that Reeves was very dedicated to his role. Reportedly, he tripped on a rug inside his trailer and fractured his kneecap, and despite that, the actor continued filming his scenes. Ansari said (via The Hollywood Reporter),

“About 15 days into shooting with me, I said, ‘Go chill in your trailer’ He tripped on a rug … Poor guy, he was such a trooper, and he fractured his kneecap and continued to do all the scenes.”

In addition to Reeves and Ansari, the film also stars Seth Rogen, Keke Palmer, and Sandra Oh. Good Fortune is expected to be released sometime this year. Reeves has another comedy film titled Outcome coming up, where he stars opposite Jonah Hill, Cameron Diaz, Matt Bomer, Susan Lucci, David Spade, Laverne Cox, and Kaia Gerber.

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