Why Playing the Childhood Dream Role of Keanu Reeves Would Be His Ideal MCU Future.Details in comments👇

Keanu Reeves has revealed what is the Marvel character that he has wanted to play since he was a kid, and that would be his perfect MCU role.

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Keanu Reeves has revealed what his childhood dream Marvel role was, and if the actor got to play the character in question, it would be the best use of him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since 2008’s Iron Manthe MCU has had an almost impeccable run with its casting, which has brought several bona fide movie stars to the shared universe while also giving the opportunity for up-and-coming actors to get their breakout in the industry as part of the MCU’s extensive timeline of projects. However, some long-requested stars are still missing from the MCU.

Reeves is one of such cases — being one of the biggest — as the actor has been positioned by fans for multiple different roles in some of the MCU’s best movies over the years, but the actor never joined the franchise. That does not mean that he has not circled a role, as Reeves revealed he has had talks with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. While Reeves has not said what roles he and Feige discussed, the actor has mentioned a couple of characters he would like to play, and his childhood dream Marvel role would be his best MCU future.

Everything Keanu Reeves Has Said About Being Cast In The MCU

From Doctor Strange to Wolverine, Keanu Reeves has a long history of statements indicating an acknowledgement of and possible role in the MCU.Keanu Reeves Revealed Ghost Rider Was His Childhood Dream Marvel Hero

Ghost Rider Has Yet To Appear In The MCU

While Reeves has spoken highly of a couple of Marvel characters he could play, there is one that he shares a long-time relationship with — Ghost Rider. According to the star, Ghost Rider was Reeves’ childhood dream role. When asked about which character he would like to play in the MCU, Reeves answered Ghost Rider, saying, “10-year-old me would want to — I think he’d probably want to be Ghost Rider.” Following his comments, a long list of fan art depicting Reeves as the MCU’s Ghost Rider — specifically the Johnny Blaze version — started appearing online.

Technically, the MCU could have already seen the debut of one possible Ghost Rider. With Marvel Studios making the Netflix Marvel shows canon — The Defenders Saga — it is possible that the major series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which featured appearances from MCU characters like Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, could be made canon to the MCU. If that were to happen, then the Robbie Reyes version of Ghost Rider that debuted on the show, played by Gabriel Luna, could make a return.

Hugh Jackman Is Now Back As Logan

While Reeves shares a childhood connection to Ghost Rider, that is not his only possible role in the MCU. Reeves has revealed he would love to play Wolverine. According to the actor, he “always wanted to play Wolverine.” However, while the star said that he would love to play Logan and has thought about that for years, Reeves has the impression that will never happen, saying, “It is too late. It was filled really well. I’m all good with it now.” Reeves’ comments connect to Wolverine’s live-action legacy.

Hugh Jackman was cast as Wolverine in 2000’s X-Men. Since then, the actor has led his own Wolverine trilogy — which concluded with one of the best superhero movies ever in Logan — and appeared in several X-Men movies across different timelines. After years away from the role, Jackman is finally back as Logan in a major way, joining the MCU alongside Ryan Reynolds in the anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine, the MCU’s only 2024 movie release. Jackman’s Wolverine still being active after all this time is remarkable.

Deadpool & Wolverine Official Teaser Trailer (Trailer)Keanu Reeves Would Be A Better Fit For The MCU’s Ghost Rider Than Wolverine

The Actor Needs An Important Marvel Role

In the end, it would be better for Reeves to play Ghost Rider than Wolverine in the MCU. While it is unlikely that Jackman will continue as the MCU’s version of Wolverine beyond Deadpool & Wolverine or the upcoming multiverse event film Avengers: Secret Wars, Reeves is too old to play the character for a decade or more. Whoever gets cast as the MCU’s Wolverine will ideally be in his 20s-30s, allowing the actor to play the role for years and making Logan a huge part of the MCU.

At most, Reeves could make a cameo appearance as a Wolverine variant in Deadpool & Wolverine. However, that would not be the best use of him. Reeves is a talented actor who has plenty of experience in action roles and blockbuster franchises, which means he is perfect for a major MCU role. Ghost Rider could be that for him, with the actor playing an older, grizzled Johnny Blaze who acts like a mentor to one or more younger Ghost Riders, such as Robbie Reyes. This way, the MCU could get the most out of Keanu Reeves.

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