Erick Sermon has shared some insights into a new song of his that he says will appear on Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre‘s new album, and he’s promised fans that it will be nothing short of epic.

Erick Sermon Says He Has A 'Crazy' Song On Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre's New Album

The EPMD legend stopped by the Bootleg Kev podcast on Thursday (February 8) to give some insight into what fans can expect from his guest appearance.

“Me and Dre made five records,” he revealed. “And he made three in one night.” This revelation prompted Kev to remark that it was “crazy” for the N.W.A legend to have done that.

Sermon continued: “Off of my production, though. And then, we did another one with Snoop, that’s supposed to be on the new Snoop record, and I also did one with him, that me and him rhymed on, which was crazy.”

Check out the full interview clip below.
Erick Sermon Interview with Bootleg Kev
Elsewhere in the same interview, Erick Sermon revealed that he makes quite the pretty penny from Metro Boomin, 21 Savage and The Weeknd’s smash hit “Creepin,’” to the tune of nearly three quarters of a million dollars annually.

“The Weeknd is one of the most streamed artists in the world. So him and Metro Boomin did ‘I Don’t Wanna Know’ which is ‘You’re a Customer,’” he said. “I only own 4 percent of that record [Creepin’]. Every four months, guess how much it brings in… $240,000” — which amounts to $720,000 per year.

Sermon is credited as a writer on both “Creepin’” and “I Don’t Wanna Know” — the former song is a remake of the latter.

This is because both use the same drum sample, taken from EPMD’s “You’re a Customer.”

The rap legend then spoke about the importance of artists holding on to the rights to their publishing, saying: “People sell publishing when they need money but luckily I was able to survive without doing that.”

He added: “If you are independently streaming, there’s a chance that you can make more money than [being on a major label] — even with [each stream being worth] less than one penny. If you not in the game, you wouldn’t know that.

“Publishing is your life. If you’re able to have some of it, please grab as much as you can. [The mailbox money] never stops. And then all of a sudden you might catch a placement.”

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