Liam Neeson visits cast of Translations in New York and hails play as ‘a true Irish epic’

The Irish Repertory Theatre is staging Translations for the first time

The cast of the Irish Repertory Theatre gather for a photo and smile with Liam Neeson, who is pictured in the back middle, backstage


Liam Neeson hailed Translations as a “true Irish epic” when he visited the cast at Irish Repertory Theatre in New York City. The actor chatted with the cast backstage on Saturday and posed for a photograph with them, which they shared online.

Taking to X, they said: “Last night, our cast was delighted by a special visit from the incomparable Liam Neeson, who describes Translations as ‘a true Irish epic’.”

Neeson was part of the first ever production of Translations in 1980, originating the part of Doalty. The performance was held at the Guildhall in Co Derry and was the inaugural production by Friel’s Field Day Theatre Company.

Translations premiered in the US the following year, and it has been reproduced countless times since. The three-act play is based in a small Co Donegal village in 1833 and follows the story of a hedge school classroom where all of the students speak the Irish language.



The fate of the locals and their native tongue is cast into uncertainty as the British army arrives to create a new map of Ireland that will anglicize the Irish place names.

The Irish Repertory Theatre explains: “The play is a captivating exploration of the power of language to kindle romance, ignite tensions, and inflame the human heart’s yearning to understand.

The theatre’s current production marks their first time staging the play. Directed by Doug Hughes, the cast includes Raffi Barsoumian, Owen Campbell, Rufus Collins, John Keating, Owen Laheen, Seán McGinley, Seth Numrich, Oona Roche, Erin Wilhelmi and Mary Wiseman.

The New Yorker and Vulture called the performance “exquisite”, while other critics have also hailed the cast. It’s running at the company’s Off Broadway theatre until December 31.

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