Snoop Dogg Is Willing To Go To Any Length For His 2024 Olympic Coverage, Including ‘Get Underwater’

2024 Summer Olympics special correspondent Snoop Dogg is willing to go to any lengths to raise the bar of his coverage in Paris
Snoop Dogg Will 'Get Underwater' For 2024 Olympics Role

According to Entertainment Weekly, that even included a promise to reporters at the winter Television Critics Association press tour to “get underwater” to make sure he’s fully prepared and doesn’t miss a story.

“It’s gonna be me in the field, at events, hosting, getting with the athletes, moving through the city,” he said. “Just doing the things Snoop Dogg does.”

As he put it, “We’re planning on shaking it up and doing something different, and just having fun. It’s the Olympics. We only get it once every four years, so we’re going to make the most of it.”

Snoop Dogg joins NBC as special correspondent for 2024 Olympics

However, he made sure to offer some reassurance to sports fans worried he might not do his due dilligence: “I don’t ever come in cold,” he declared. “I always come in hot. So with that being said, don’t worry about the research. I know everything about everyone. We’re gonna be fine.”

Snoop’s laid-back sports commentary has become something of a running gag over the years, as fans look forward to his unique takes on everything from hockey to boxing and everything in between, as illustrated by Peacock’s 2021 broadcast featuring Snoop and Kevin Hart being wowed by a variety of sports they didn’t quite get. You can check that out above.

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