BREAKING: Former New York Giants Player Sentenced To Jail Time After Getting Busted By Undercover Cop

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A former player for the New York Giants should be enjoying retirement in his old age, but now his lousy behavior has him headed to state prison.

Former New York Giants player Clyde Hall was sentenced to a minimum of five years in prison earlier this week by Manhattan Federal Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil after he took a plea deal last year admitting to trying to sell fentanyl-laced drugs outside his Manhattan apartment, per the New York Post. He had no clue he was attempting to do this to an undercover cop.

He is currently 85 years old.

Clyde Hall played in 1961 for the New York Giants after a college football career at Marquette.

His career did not last long. Hall had two receptions for 22 yards in his NFL career. A huge part of why he did not play much was his constant legal problems over the course of his career and life.

Hall was previously facing a 20-year prison sentence for financial fraud crimes.

The New York Post further added that prosecutors were seeking a sentence between 10 and 12 years due to Hall’s criminal history. They wanted to come down hard on the former New York Giants player because he chose to “reengage in crime” almost immediately after he left prison, as Manhattan Assistant Attorney Ni Quia wrote in her sentencing submission letter to the court.

“Authorities said that Hall was planning to sell six kilograms of fentanyl — with the potential for up to 11 kilograms that were later found in his apartment.”

Former New York Giants Player Clyde Hall Has Been On The Wrong Side of The Law Many Times

New York Giants helmet (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Clyde Hall, who played for the New York Giants in the 1960s, is headed to prison for five years, a place he is very familiar with, given his history.

Hall’s Wikipedia entry states that he was arrested in 2010 for investment fraud after defrauding investors out of almost $4 million. His wife was also detained in connection with the same scheme. He deceived people for more than ten years. Hall had stolen $80,000 from an ex-wife, filed fraudulent bankruptcy claims, and conned investors with fictitious letters purporting to be from major institutions. He received a 20-year prison sentence for this offense.

In the past, he had also been arrested for various charges, including wire fraud. The epidemic caused Hall to be freed from prison and placed under home confinement; during this time, he planned a cocaine trade with undercover agents and was apprehended at his residence in April of 2021.

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