Caleb Williams’ Girlfriend Has Been Identified After New Bears QB Showed Up At The Draft With A Mystery Woman

Caleb Williams and his girlfriend, Alina ThyregodCaleb Williams and Alina Thyregod (Photo via TikTok)

The first round of the highly-anticipated NFL Draft is here. As expected, Caleb Williams was the first name off the board, with the Chicago Bears taking him at No. 1 overall.

Draft night nicked off with an appearance from hip-hop icon Eminem, who walked out on stage with Commissioner Roger Goodell before introducing the resident Detroit Lions.

Em wasn’t the only one who made an impression, as Caleb Williams showed up looking all dapper with a mystery woman at his side. Her dress complimented his “double-breasted” ensemble, but it was her identity everyone was after. And it did not take them long to find it.

Multiple outlets have identified said female as Alina Thyregod. And here’s the video proof confirming it’s her:

There aren’t many photos of the two of them together. Fortunately, however, there is another TikTok video of them that’s been out there since January. Check it out right below:

We Had Caleb Williams’ Relationship All Wrong

It was initially rumored that the former USC star was dating Valery Arellana, but it appears we were all misguided as the chat was debunked this week, with tonight’s appearance confirming as much.

In case you didn’t watch the draft, Caleb is still sporting a pink phone, which is what he took that special call with.

Really intelligent guy. Came across as a really good teammate, easy to talk to, down to earth,” Bears GM Ryan Poles said via NBC Sports Chicago earlier this week. “We’ve talked through this process about the whole Hollywood thing. He’s all ball, wants to work, wants to get better, wants to win as a team. That’s the No. 1 thing for him on top of being successful. I think the biggest thing is: Does he fit in our culture and what we’re trying to do. And all signs were that he does, so that was positive.

A new era has kicked off in The Windy City; Bears fans are waiting for Week 1 now.

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