Charles Barkley Opposes the Father-Son NBA Dream Team of LeBron and Bronny James

Charles Barkley, LeBron and Bronny James Charles Barkley, LeBron and Bronny James (ImageSource: GettyImages)

USC Trojans star Bronny James sparked many debates after announcing that he would be taking part in the upcoming NBA draft. Many analysts and former players dived into the discussions to express their opinions on Bronny’s recent decision and Charles Barkley is one of them.

The NBA Icon did not like Bronny’s decision and opposed it. LeBron James had shown his desire to play with Bronny in the NBA a few years back. Barkley opposed it and gave a reason for it that made a lot of sense.

Charles Barkley opposes LeBron-Bronny James NBA duo

NBA Icon and popular analyst Charles Barkley has expressed his opinion on the recent announcement made by Bronny James. He appeared on CNN’s broadcast covering the topic and was asked by the reporter about the Father-Son dream of Bronny and LeBron. Barkley openly opposed the idea of the Father-Son dream and shared his valuable insights on the matter.

I don’t want him (LeBron James) to play with his son, I want his son to develop his own name. If he goes to LeBron’s team, I think it would put too much of a spotlight on him because LeBron’s the brightest star of this generation. He has been amazing he is great but I think the kid needs to go away by himself,” said Barkley. He highlighted that Bronny needs to find his own way in the professional world as playing with his father would land him in a very pressured atmosphere which can be harmful for him.

Did Bronny declare his move to the NBA too soon?

Ever since Bronny James declared for the NBA draft, people started to question if it was a decision made too soon by the USC star. Many analysts have loved the idea of Bronny in the NBA and have supported him in his decision. While on the other hand, many people have expressed their concerns for the young player and claimed that it is too soon for him to go pro.

Matt Roberts, host of the “ProZone” podcast posted his opinion on X (formerly Twitter). He pointed out that Bronny’s current stats are not the best when compared to previous players who enrolled in the NBA when they were in college. Popular YouTuber Crumbletakes also agreed that the decision may be too early. “He is declaring way too early This is going to be a very odd situation,” said the popular YouTuber.

What do you think of Charles Barkley’s take on LeBron and Bronny James pairing? Do you think Bronny James declared too early for the draft? Do let us know in the comments.


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