ESPN’s Adam Schefter Drops Giant Truth Bomb On Wild NFL Draft Rumor Involving The Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert warms up before a game against the New England PatriotsLos Angeles Chargers QB Justin Herbert (via Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

The Los Angeles Chargers have been involved in some extremely interesting NFL Draft rumors this week after reports of who the team might take in with their first-round pick after reports of a Justin Herbert trade surfaced.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter was quick to shoot down these rumors after the odds that the Chargers would take a QB in the draft were raised due to a rumor sent out by Antonio Brown, of all people, that, pending a physical, the young QB may be traded to the Vikings.

Betting analyst Joe Forten Baugh, also of ESPN, noted that the odds of the Chargers selection being a quarterback in the draft’s first round had fallen. They have dropped as far as from 100/1 to becoming 6/1.

Fans were quick to trust earlier rumors due to the fact that the betting odds are more “trustworthy” than the actual NFL reporters themselves because the oddsmakers seemingly know more than the professionals in this case.

Schefter Denies Claims That Los Angeles Chargers Will Take A New QB

Adam Schefter roasted NFL fans for believing in the rumor that the Chargers would draft a quarterback to replace Herbert. He went on the Get Up podcast saying that “there is no chance in hell that the Chargers are drafting a quarterback tomorrow night.”

While the odds may be heavily against the Chargers selecting a QB in round one, there is always a chance that Schefter is entirely wrong. Crazier things have happened in the football league we all know and love.

That said, the Bolts have already signed the 26-year-old signal-caller to a 5-year contract extension worth over $50 million annually, and it would be a shame to see all that potential go to waste, but the NFL is the NFL as we all know.

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