Former NFL Star Believes Chargers Days of ‘Chargering’ Are Over

Former NFL Star Believes Chargers Days of 'Chargering' Are Over

It hasn’t been easy being a Charger since, well, forever. No matter what, it seems like the Chargers can’t get out of their own way, no matter who’s on the team. Whether it’s one thing or another, the Bolts have endured hardship throughout their existence, and because of this, the term ‘Chargering’ exists.

The Bolts are one of 12 teams to have never won a Super Bowl. They have more losses than wins in their 65 years and have only been to one Super Bowl appearance. However, this upcoming season, the 2024 one, is where things will change for the Bolts, at least according to former star offensive lineman and three-time Super Bowl champion Mark Schlereth.

On his podcast, Stinkin’ Truth. Schlereth said things will be different moving forward due to head coach Jim Harbaugh.

“I really think the days of Chargers’ chargering’ [are over]. You could just count on the Chargers sh*tting in their helmets. I think those days are gonna be gone under Jim Harbaugh. I think this is one of the best hires in football. Because he’s going to take that Willy-nilly will go for it on fourth down and three from our own 28 because we’re “progressive” and we know the “numbers” and we like all that bullsh*t that doesn’t win anything. All that’s gone. You get a real football dude making football decisions and calling football games.”

The excitement and buzz around Harbaugh are real. He’s turned the team/program around everywhere he’s gone and made them into serious contenders. All eyes will be on Harbaugh and how exactly he will turn things around. So far, things look bleak, especially on offense, after losing running back Austin Ekeler and star wide receivers Keenan Allen and Mike Wiliams. Still, Schlereth believes in what Harbaugb could do and envisions the offense led by Justin Herbert.

“We’re gonna dominate a line of scrimmage. We’re gonna run the ball. Don’t be mad if I hand it off 12 times in a row. What do you have that one game? He had 18 handoffs in a row or something like that. Don’t be mad because it’s gonna help you and we’re our play action game and our quick game is gonna be so freaking good, because we’re gonna be so dominant.”

That’s exactly how Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman want to play offense. It may not be pretty or entertaining, but it works.

Will ‘Chargering’ be in the rearview mirror soon? The Bolts will have a long way to go to debunk that.


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