“I Can’t Wait for Him to Come Back”- Gilbert Arenas Is Looking Forward to Ja Morant’s Return

Ja Morant, Gilbert ArenasJa Morant, Gilbert Arenas (image source Getty Images)

During a recent podcast of the “Night Cap Show,”  3x NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas and American former football tight end Shannon Sharpe discussed Ja Morant’s current condition and his comeback after the injury.

“I think he’s cleaning the house; I think he’s surrounding himself with smarter people, people who are going to take him to the next step. The fact that he’s [Ja Morant] stayed out of the limelight, you know he’s getting healthy, you know for the most part his troubles were his cellphone, you know the fact that he’s laid low… I think everybody just can’t wait for next year with him, and I think this summer’s going to be a real rebranding for him, and everybody in Memphis just can’t wait for him to come back just to see the magnitude of who he is.” Gilbert Arenas said during that interview.

Shannon Sharpe: “I’m excited to see how he’s gonna bounce back from that injury.”

Fans and analysts are waiting for Ja Morant to recover from his injury

The Memphis Grizzlies, who are at the bottom of the Western Conference standings, will recall the 2023–24 NBA season as a loss. The Grizzlies have been heavily hurt by injuries, particularly Ja Morant, who required surgery to cure a shoulder condition that ended his season.

For starters, Morant had to serve a 25-game suspension at the start of the season, and then he was sidelined again due to an injury. Nonetheless, Morant should have fully recovered in time for Memphis’ return to the NBA’s premier division for the 2024–25 season.

Fans and analysts are waiting for Ja Morant to recover from his injury and come back to the NBA next season. Morant is one of the most emerging players in the NBA, and he has some skills that can help his team lead the conference.



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