Joe Rogan Predicts Yakuza ‘Offering Protection’ to Shohei Ohtani After $700 Million Betting Controversy

Joe Rogan and Shohei OhtaniJoe Rogan and Shohei Ohtani (Image Credits: Getty Images)

UFC Commentator Joe Rogan apart from being the fan favorite in the MMA world is often seen on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, talking about everything interesting in the world. Its a well known fact that some of the major UFC stars are quite well paid but there is a sport where some of its major superstars are paid an exuberant amount of money. One such star is Shohei Ohtani, who is a major baseball player in the United States.

It was reported that Ohtani has got the biggest contract in baseball history.

Joe Rogan opens on Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani is often considered the best two way player mainly due to his ability to hit some impressive home runs in baseball. Seems like the baseball superstar has found himself a fan in Joe Rogan as he was seen talking about Shohei on the latest episode of the Joe Rogan experience. Joe Rogan said,

I think most really sophisticated organized crime companies. I think they probably have strategies to maximize their income in all sorts of ways and they probably offer protection so you know you don’t have to worry about people f**k with you.

Rogan and his guest were seen talking about Ohtani’s massive contract and his links with organized crime members possibly with Yakuza back in his home country of Japan. Rogan was seen guessing that majority of these famous or well known folks who are with the organized crime section usually take security from the mobsters.

Rogan also guessed that majority of these crime rings want to optimize for more revenue and better profitability. Therefore they have ties with some of the most famous and financially rich names. Rogan also mentioned the names of the late Frank Sinatra who allegedly had ties with some of the major organized crime cartels.

It’s difficult to get into an altercation with anyone who has ties with the mobsters. The mobsters can be powerful in various parts of the world. One would definitely not want to mess with anyone who is associated with the organized crime folks.

Joe Rogan will be seen on the commentary team for the UFC 300 later this month and interviewing fighters after their bout.


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