LeBron James Goes After NCAA Refs Over Controversial Late Call In UConn-Iowa Final Four Matchup

Caitlin Clark and LeBron JamesCaitlin Clark and LeBron James (Photos via Getty Images)

LeBron James was not happy with the call that came near the end of UConn’s Final Four loss to Iowa on Friday night.

The Los Angeles Lakers star hasn’t been the biggest fan of officials over the last few years, and it appears his distaste extends to the NCAA.

James was among many viewers who did not agree with the offensive foul called on Huskies forward Aaliyah Edwards in the closing seconds of last night’s game. The Canadian was whistled for a moving screen after a slight hit on Iowa’s Gabbie Marshall. The call handed the Hawkeyes possession for the final three seconds, and they were able to see the contest out.

James took to social media immediately after the game to protest.

“NAAAAAHHHHHH!!! I ain’t rolling with that call,” he tweeted. The post went viral, garnering lots of comments and likes.

UConn Shut Caitlin Clark Down In The First Half

UConn and their fans will feel hard done by, having come this close to an appearance in the final only to see it taken away by a whistle.

There’s probably an illegal screen call that you could make on every single possession,” Huskies head coach Geno Auriemma told reporters after the loss. “I just know that there were three or four of them called on us and I don’t think there were any called on them.

So I guess we just have to get better at not setting illegal screens.

The loss will hurt even more as UConn managed to shut Caitlin Clark down in the first half. The Iowa point guard did come alive in the second half as she finished the game with 21 points and hit a key three-pointer to swing the tide in the 71-69 win.

As for the foul, Edwards did move slightly on the play, using both her knee and her upper body to impede Marshall, which is technically a moving screen.


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