NFL teams are being given no choice other than to copy successful Cowboys’ strategy

The Dallas Cowboys struck gold last year and it came in the form of an unlikely contender.

The story of All-Pro Kicker Brandon Aubrey, is one that will not be easily forgotten.

Aubrey was a soccer player to start. He played at Notre Dame where he earned First-Team All-ACC honors and he would be drafted into the MLS with the 21st pick in the first round.

After playing for a couple of professional teams in the MLS Aubrey would try his hand in football; his first stop was the USFL.

Aubrey would be drafted by the Birmingham Stallions in the 2022 USFL Draft, and he would go on to make 18-22 of his field goals, in route to a championship season for the Stallions.

The Cowboys took notice and would sign Aubrey in July of 2023, and the rest is history.

Aubrey would go on to have an amazing rookie year for the Cowboys, setting the record for most consecutive made field goals to start your career, with 36.

He would be the first NFL player to make two 59+ yard field goals in a single game.

Needless to say, he would go on to earn First Team All-Pro honors at the end of the season.

With more missed kicks and even more missed point after attempts becoming more and more prevalent in today’s NFL, most teams should be open to looking for better kickers.

Well don’t look now, but the now named UFL just might become a pipeline for future NFL kickers.

Panthers kicker Jake Bates has put together an incredible past couple of weeks.

Just last week, Bates would make a 64-yard game-winning kick to beat the Saint Louis Battlehawks.

Earlier today Bates would be back in a similar situation, this time it would be just before halftime. Bailey would line up for a 62-yard field goal, and you guessed it..he drilled it. He later hit another one for 53 yards.

Now these didn’t look like kicks that barely made it over the crossbar.

It looked like Bates would have made it from even a few yards further back on both.

The Cowboys have their kicker, but it is only a matter of time before Bates is suiting up for some NFL team on Sunday.


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