Suspicious NFL Fans Are Calling Out ESPN Bet After Uncovering Something Very Fishy About Their Draft Odds

ESPN's Adam Schefter taking a call on draft dayESPN Analyst Adam Schefter (via Getty Images)

The 2024 NFL Draft is scheduled to be held later today in Detroit. With an event as high profile as this Draft comes a lot of intriguing NFL prospects, some of whom, eager teams would be willing to trade up to snag.

With the NFL comes gambling and you can bet on anything from games, players selected, and even a trade that could possibly take place for a certain pick. However, there are some odds that are so outrageous that even their own analysts have called them out for it.

Schefter questioned if the portrayed odd of a move that could see the Los Angeles Chargers move up trading up in the draft to select a quarterback was a “gimmick.” This is more so due to the fact that the Chargers already have their franchise guy in Justin Herbert.

Many fans have agreed with the NFL analyst, stating that “ESPN is actively using their power as a ‘news’ source to take your money.” And many fans were quick to agree that having the ESPN “inside scoop” is not always something to bet on.

Is ESPN Taking Money Out Of Fans Pockets

One fan was quick to respond to the X post, replying that it “makes absolutely zero sense.” He also pointed out, as many would, that the Chargers have “holes all over their roster,” and the Herbert-led QB room isn’t one of them.

One fan was really angry, simply stating that they should “all be in jail,” while another asked if the odds were a “money laundering scheme.” And it’s safe to say ESPN’s reputation may have been somewhat damaged because of this.

There is no realistic scenario where the chargers would trade up for a quarterback. They currently have their number one guy in Herbert locked in on a 5-year extension worth over $50 million annually.

It might be a better bet to bet on the Chargers brining in an established college reciever like a Malik Nabers or Marvin Harrison Jr, depending of if they decide to trade up or not. They are in desperate need of a new WR1 for 2024.


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