“That is MVP Style Stuff”: Stephon Marbury believes Jalen Brunson should be in the MVP discussion this season

Jalen BrunsonStephon Marbury and Jalen Brunson (Image Source: Getty Images)

The NBA Playoffs are going on in full swing, and the fans are excited to see which teams make it to the top this year. The New York Knicks have already won two games against the Sixers and would be looking to end the series with the next game.

Jalen Brunson has been an indispensable asset for his team throughout this playoff run. He has been excellent everywhere on the court, whether inside the paint or beyond the arc. Former NBA player Stephon Marbury recently expressed his admiration for Brunson on the 7 PM in Brooklyn podcast. He believes that Brunson should be in the running for MVP this season.

As far as doing what’s needed to push my team forward, not only is he pushing his team forward but he is pushing them forward by playing the game the way he plays it, which is the right way and they are winning. He has his teammates gathering around him doing it, and even with Julius Randle out, that is MVP-style stuff,” said Marbury.

He highlighted that Jalen Brunson has been leading his team to victory in the playoffs, even without Julius Randle. In his eyes, Brunson’s actions are MVP-worthy, and he believes that the Knicks star should be rewarded for it.

Kicks star Jalen Brunson believes he has to be “flat-out better” in Game 3

Knicks’ star Jalen Brunson believes that the upcoming Game 3 must be “flay-out better.” The Knicks have game 1 and game 2 to their names, but the 76ers have done a great job of getting in between Brunson and the basket. The Knicks star has averaged the fourth most points in the league this season but has missed 10 of his 12 three-point attempts and 39 of his 55 field-goal attempts in the first two games of the series.

After practice with his team on Wednesday, Brunson said, “The easy answer is I need to adjust and I need to be more poised; just understand what they’re doing and just flat-out be better.” It would be interesting to see if the Joel Embiid-led 76ers will be able to keep their playoff dreams alive or if Jalen Brunson and the Knicks have an early qualification to the next round.

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