Victor Wembanyama’s new logo is the coolest thing ever

Nike unveils logo for Spurs’ rookie Victor Wembanyama.

San Antonio Spurs rookie big Victor Wembanyama has been shattering records since he stepped into the league, and another one just fell for the Spurs’ wunderkind.

During the total eclipse on Monday, Nike unveiled a new logo being based somewhere in South Texas, and whew buddy does this logo absolutely COOK.

The design of the alien inside the basketball, along with the two Nike checks makes this immediately one of the best logos in the NBA, and maybe one of the best in all sports. The origin of the logo is also very cool. Wembanyama loves to draw, and for All Star Weekend this February, Wembanyama drew a custom logo that Nike put on his GT Hustle 2 Personal Editions for All Star Weekend. An incredible callback to something that Nike and Wemby worked together on.

Of course, Twitter went crazy over the new logo, in the best way possible. Fans immediately came rushing to the praises of the new look.

This just goes to show you that in an era full of modernizing and simplifying logos down to just the letters, being creative still reigns supreme. This is a phenomenal logo if it’s truly Wemby’s and I will be buying something with the logo on it.

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