Video: Charles Barkley Fiercely Punches a Bag With an Image of Kendrick Perkins’ Face

Charles Barkley, Kendrick PerkinsCharles Barkley, Kendrick Perkins (Image source Getty Images)

After the Dallas Mavericks’ victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Tuesday night, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal took out their frustration on a punching bag with Kendrick Perkins’ face on it during the NBA on TNT show.

Barkley put on the punching gloves and started hitting the photo of Perkins, who was missing a tooth. Meanwhile, O’Neal was eating some junk food and then grabbed a plastic gun to hit the photo.

Barkley continued punching the bag while Shaq shouted in the background. Once Barkley was finished, Shaq put on his gloves and posed against Barkley before giving two hard punches to the punching bag with Perkins’ photo on it. Finally, Shaq threw the bag on the floor.

Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal make an excellent podcast duo

Despite his impressive NBA career, Charles Barkley is also highly regarded as a successful basketball analyst. He and Shaquille O’Neal are often considered the most entertaining personalities in NBA history. Barkley is regularly invited to participate in podcasts where he shares his thoughts on various intriguing NBA-related topics.


Barkley and O’Neal make an excellent podcast duo, constantly poking fun at each other’s past mistakes. Shaquille O’Neal is often teased for his poor free throw shooting, and he even appeared in the movie “SAW,” where his character’s life was saved by his inability to make free throws.

Soon after watching the NBA episode on TNT, Kendrick Perkins opened up about that incident on his social media account on X (formerly known as Twitter).

“Hey NBAonTNT, tell Chuck he ain’t ready to get his feet hot with me,” Kendrick Perkins wrote in his post.



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