VIDEO: Odell Beckham Jr. Decided It Was A Good Idea To Stare Directly At The Solar Eclipse & NFL Fans Are Confused

Odell Beckham Jr. staring at Solar EclipseOdell Beckham Jr. staring at Solar Eclipse

Odell Beckham Jr. is going viral again for something he did over six years ago.

The free-agent wide receiver was a bit too curious back in 2017 as he would look directly at a solar eclipse. Of course, we understand the intrigue, such events don’t take place every week, but they do make special glasses for them. And, if you can’t get a pair, wearing sunglasses is still a lot better than staring with the naked eye.

Beckham wasn’t trying to hear any of that back then and recorded himself trying to look at the eclipse.

It apparently took him a while to spot the point where the moon blocked out the sun, but he found it eventually.

The wideout was also confused over the fact that they tell folks not to look at eclipses yet inform them when one is about to happen. We’re not even going to go into that…

Anyhoo, check it out below posted by The Sporting News on twitter:

You can also find some reactions here:


Odell Beckham Jr. Hasn’t Been The Same Since

As it turns out, Odell Beckham Jr. hasn’t been the same since. Tennessee Titans reporter Mike Herndon has pointed out that the WR had been to the Pro Bowl three times while averaging at least 1,374 yards and 12 touchdowns a season before he stared at the solar eclipse.

Since then, he’s gone for 635 yards and four scores per season while he hasn’t made it back to the Pro Bowl.

Beckham played for the Baltimore Ravens in 2023, making 14 appearances while registering 565 receiving yards and three TDs. It was believed that he had reached a deal with the Miami Dolphins last week, but he took to social media to clown the reports.


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