VIDEO: Ruthless Eagles Fans Bullied Deebo Samuel Into Leaving AJ Brown’s Instagram Live Stream During The Solar Eclipse

Deebo Samuel walking off the field after a game.Deebo Samuel (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

It’s not very often that you see two players from different NFC rival teams being all buddy-buddy on an Instagram live, but that’s what just happened.

49ers star receiver Deebo Samuel joins Eagles pro bowler, AJ Brown on an Instagram live-stream today during the much anticipated solar eclipse. Safe to say fans were not happy about the former’s appearance in the livestream.

While watching the clip from the live stream, Eagles fans can be seen telling Deebo to look at the sun during the event as it’s well known that doing so can very easily blind someone without the proper protection.

One Instagram user can be seen commenting “DEEBO LOOK AT THE SUN” while another assumed Eagles fan comments “Deebo stare at the sun”.

Is Deebo Samuel Being Recruited To The Eagles?

Deebo eventually noticed all the hate, stating “Y’all really out here talking ’bout F Deebo” and would cite “getting back to his workout” as the reason for the abrupt departure from the conversation between the two wideouts.

It can be noticed that not all comments on the post were negative as some fans were even calling for Deebo to “come to Philly” as they put it. The two receivers didn’t acknowledge the comments but remained friendly during their exchange.

In the NFL, nothing is ever out of the question and this could include Deebo Samuel being traded to the Philidelphia Eagles to team up with Brown, especially with a GM like Howie Roseman making the personnel moves.

Let’s just say we wouldn’t hate the concept of the scariest 1-2 receiver duo in the NFL and there’s no doubt that Deebo Samuel and AJ Brown would be that.


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