VIDEO: Travis Kelce Accidentally Flashed His Junk During Interview

Travis Kelce speaking during his New Heights Podcast.Travis Kelce (Photo via New Heights Podcast)

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is a polarizing figure. Between his success on and off the field, including three Super Bowl rings and seven 1,000-plus yard seasons, plus a relationship with the biggest star in the world, he is no stranger to being in the public eye.

The 34-year-old pass-catcher is no stranger to controversy either after he shotgunned a beer after receiving his diploma from his alma mater in Cincinnati earlier this month, and now again after more footage of the football star has come out, and it seems as though he may have wanted to avoid this one.

According to TMZ Sports, Kelce appeared on the “Whiskey Ginger” podcast hosted by comedian and actor Andrew Santino. He brought a few guest stars with him, or better put… his junk accidentally slipped out!

Santino joined the Kelce brothers’ “New Heights” podcast and brought up the incident where Travis’ “boys” made a few appearances while they chatted about sports, life, and other topics. It’s safe to say that Kelce should have chosen a different wardrobe than one.

Travis Kelce Jokes About His Experience On “Whiskey Ginger Podcast

Kelce rocked a pair of yellow shorts, but obviously, he also went commando that day. It was much to the surprise of Santino, whose editors contacted him asking to reshoot the entire show to avoid a possible X rating of the 2019 episode.

The burly tight end obviously had a huge impact on the Chiefs in 2019, helping them by gaining 1,229 yards in just under 100 catches and accumulating five touchdowns en route to a Super Bowl 54 championship.

Patrick Mahomes has enjoyed targeting the fully geared tight end ever since, with his best season coming in 2020, where he put up over 1,400 yards and scored eleven touchdowns en route to a Super Bowl appearance.

Kelce’s friends have yet to make another appearance on the internet since, and as far as we know, it won’t happen again.

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