Wembanyama’s advanced stats show key to becoming unstoppable

Victor Wembanyama’s ceiling is limitless and looking at the numbers, he can make the San Antonio Spurs unstoppable with some slight adjustments.

Victor Wembanyama
Victor Wembanyama / Justin Ford/GettyImages

Victor Wembanyama was a sight to behold in his rookie season. From his highlight plays on offense to his extraterritorial-like range on defense, the number one overall pick was must-see TV for the basketball community, as evidenced by the jump in viewership for the San Antonio Spurs. You can expect those numbers to be high again next season, as basketball fans don’t tire of greatness.

The NBA announced the finalists for Defensive Player of the Year and Wembanyama made the top three along with Rudy Gobert and Bam Adebayo. If ending the year as a top-3 DPOY candidate is his floor, there’s no reason to focus on that side of Victor’s game.

Getting on his offense is nit-picky. He averaged 21 points per game as a rookie and treated fans to a variety of explosive performances to help get through a stressful season filled with disappointment. This is less of a criticism and more of an observation.

Wembanyama can turn into an unstoppable force very quickly

These numbers are interesting because of the inconsistency. His catch-and-shoot percentage from three needs to take a leap. That is going to be the key to unlocking the true potential of Victor Wembanyama’s offensive game. Once the Spurs get a point guard on the team who can consistently deliver the ball to The Alien, he’ll be able to attack defenses from anywhere but the pick-and-pop is a fundamental play that can apply immense pressure on defenses.

When thinking about players like Dirk Nowitzki and Nikola Jokic, their ability to catch and fire as the screen setter is key to how those teams operated. If you have to respect his jumper to that degree, the defenses have to rotate early and with the passing ability Wembanyama has already shown, fans should be able to foresee the potential of the best offensive player of all time.

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